Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Masterminding & Peer Support in Watford

Very often when running our businesses we are so in the thick of it and busy doing that we don't get the chance to take stock. Or if we are just starting out we're unsure of where to go for impartial advice aimed at helping us rather than those providing the advice... and sometimes we just need a kick up the bum and a bit of a reality check...

Mentoring Groups

This is why Mentoring groups are so very powerful. One has already kicked off in Watford and is now into it's 3rd month. So how do they work exactly. There is a website here that explains everything in more detail, but essentially... 6 business owners come together once a month to apply their experience, expertise, knowledge, connections and acumen to assist each other. Each session has 3 issues tabled each month... so over two months everyone has an opportunity to get their challenge out there. Minimum is a 6 month commitment.

What are the benefits of attending? 

These are many and varied... but to summarise :-

  1. Chance to have 5 other business brains working on your challenge with you
  2. Learning from listening to other people's challenges and solutions
  3. Get to start innovating and creating ideas and solutions, and develop this skill
  4. Access to other people's trusted connections and networks to accelerate your business
  5. Build deep strong relationships with those in the OMG group
  6. Accountability... no more "I'll do it later" ... invaluable for getting difficult things done
  7. Affordable, Fun, start working on your business

Running a business ins't easy. Having 5 other business owners / people helping you with different thinking and real views from an outside perspective is nothing short of priceless. We just can't come up with all the solutions ourselves. We only have one brain... when you add another 5 to the mix... think how different your business might become? 

Want to know more?

If you would like to be involved in an OMG group or have some people that you would like to bring together to start one... just drop us a note : southwesthertsDL@link4growth.biz ... or tweet @ L4GSWHerts or fill in the form over here

WARNING:  OMG's can have serious positive effects on your business. 

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