Wednesday, 1 March 2017

South West Herts Community Newsletter - Issue 1

Yesterday 28th February saw the mailing out of Issue-1 of the South West Herts Community newsletter. So many things are happening in our community that it is a struggle to try and keep the information manageable... hopefully we succeeded.

This newsletter is bi-weekly and so the next will be out on the 13th March 2017. If you have news you would like to send up please subscribe via the website for the newsletter and then complete the form on the last tab called send info.

We are keen to discover more community groups and get those listed on the SWHerts Projects website before we publish the next newsletter... so if you are involved in one of these anywhere across the district... from Northward to Maple Cross and up to Kings Langley and across to Garston and everything in between... we'd love to hear from you... just email and we'll get back to you... or make contact with +Chris Ogle or +Angie Carstairs

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