Sunday, 12 March 2017

South West Herts Link4Business website launched...

If you are already a Link4Business member then you will be well aware of the "Supportive and Nurturing environment" it provides to small independent businesses.

Quite simply Link4Business is a one stop shop to provide you with access to everything you need to really get YOU and your business flying.

Link4Business is so much more than just networking. Of course you can Network with Link4Growth, but the focus is directed much more towards helping and assisting the members to develop both themselves... and their business. If you develop the individual then you develop the business at the same time.

Link4Business is also uniquely 'Not-for-Profit'... and unlike good old 'Business Link' (do you remember that?) of yesteryear... Link4Business can't be shut down by the government when it feels like it, because it is owned by its members.

There are so many things that are available to the local businesses...

In order to convey all the help and assistance that is available and for ease of communication (and sharing) it has all been brought together under a mini website (google sites). Link4Business is constantly evolving recognising that the challenges local businesses face are not uniform across the country, but many are in fact localised.

>>> Here is the Link4Business website for SW Herts <<<

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