Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Talking, walking, big books... Booster Cushion Theatre

Phil Sherman (+Booster Cushion Theatre)  is a "larger than life" Kids Entertainer based just outside the South West Herts district in St. Albans. Phil is a regular at various networking events around Watford and the north side of the district and is a familiar face at Watford central library too!

When I spoke to Phil on many occasions you get to understand the years of hard work that has gone into perfecting his craft. Phil didn't just wake up one day and want to do kids shows... he's been working on this for 30+ years. All his props are developed and created by him and his small team... and kids all over the country have been entertained by his wacky but inimitable style..

Phil says :-
"Booster Cushion Theatre specialise in bringing books to life for schools, community venues, theatres, libraries, festivals - in fact any place you can think of! Our stories are comical retellings of traditional tales, or stories to encourage children to think about making their own! In every Booster show there's lots of comical slapstick, chances to join in and fantastic props.

We have been touring throughout the UK for over 25 years but our base is in St Albans. We work with Hertfordshire Libraries throughout the year, so it's always great to have a gig so near us for locals! Recently we visited Oakmere Library with our story 'Book In Danger'. This follows an oak tree on a journey around the world, visiting it's friends in the rainforest and trying to escape from the dreaded chopper. There was lots of participation from the audience and everyone had a great time.

A fantastic review from librarian Arran Sparkes: 

"There was very little danger of anyone being bored today! The audience loved the show and can’t wait for Booster cushion to come and do another performance here."

Do keep an eye on our website www.boostercushiontheatreforchildren.com for our updated shows and sign up for our newsletter as we should be touring to venues in Herts Libraries all year!

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