Thursday, 23 March 2017

Using Twitter? ... a simple way to grow your audience!

Many people using Twitter are on there because a friend or colleague enthusiastically once said...

"Are you on Twitter yet? ... it's brilliant, you can post what you are doing in 140 characters, you can add links, pictures even videos..... You must be on it!"

Maybe you got that line above which teased you to learn more and get engaged? ... or maybe you found Twitter all by yourself... but have you asked yourself how many people actually see what you tweet? Is it actually worth the effort if only a handful of people ever see them? ... and what if the tweets are about SW Herts and the people who see them are in a different part of the world?

The video below is not a training on Twitter so much, but a simple technique to ensure that what you tweet gets a chance to reach a much wider local audience... Quite simply if we start to work together a bit more collaboratively we can achieve a lot more... and faster!

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