Monday, 24 April 2017

A whole new approach to Business Support in SWHerts

If you run a local business and are in SW Herts

...then you are one of the first in the country to get access to a new Holistic Business Support service the "Town Business Creatives".

In the past love it or loathe it we did at least have 'Business Link'; a focus organisation that did pull resources together in an attempt to service and support the small and micro businesses in our community. As with all things government funded they can be just as easily whipped away as they are given, and so it was with Business Link.

In its place we really have very little. With the exception of Business Networking groups (both membership and free) there is very little available for our small businesses today. Basically, when it comes down to advice, guidance, signposting and support, well it's up to you to decide who to trust, and then... "you pays your money and takes your chances".

Blast from the past
The Town Business Creatives like 'Business Link' of the past has not been set up to make a profit. One of its primary goals is to provide a single place of reference (or directory) for local businesses so that the services that are there can easily be found (whether paid for or otherwise).

But more than that... the Town Business Creatives is about providing much needed 'on the ground' support and advice to our local independent businesses. This support is provided via a number of 'events' hosted around the SW Herts area. [... visit here for details and the calendar of events]

The majority of these events are not only 'free' to attend but their purpose is to help move you forward in your business or project. That could be simple tips or tricks, being shown how to do something, some advice or guidance or maybe a new connection that can help with something.

The whole ethos of the Town Business Creatives is that if we put our minds together, if we innovate and collaborate as a team, then we will be able to develop ourselves through shared experiences and knowledge... grow our businesses by supporting each other, and thereby create a robust local business economy... Building this through our communities will have a huge impact on everyone locally whether in business or not.

Click here or on the image below to find out the many ways you can get support and help in your business.