Sunday, 9 April 2017

Are you blogging? ... We need you!!

Blogging is massive... millions of people spend their time carefully sharing their thoughts on things that they are passionate about. Precious few of these are even known about! ... let alone the content read and digested by those that might be interested in what has been written

Yet... here is a massive resource for us all... not stories you would see in a newspaper... not things that would reach mainstream channels... but... and it is a big but... things that we in the community are sharing because we felt them important enough to write down.

Writing a blog could be for a myriad of reasons

  • for the simple pleasure of writing
  • improving our writing
  • collecting our own thoughts together
  • as a journal in a type of scrapbook way
  • share our experiences, knowledge
  • to help others with our expertise
  • this South West Herts website is actually a Blogger blog

Whatever it is, whoever it is, they have decided to write (or video Vlog) and share to anyone that might want to benefit from what is being written about... On the SW Herts Community Communications Hub we are always looking for people who are creating content... Well what have we got here then???

People who are already writing... about something they are interested in (and like as not others will be too)... and who live in our area... this sounds like a great opportunity to bring what we are doing together.

It absolutely fits in as well with the South West Herts philosophy of community coaching... 

  1. Provide a space (Community communications hub) that is free from the pressure to meet the needs or expectations of others... no one is being paid... no one has an ulterior motive... there just to help each other
  2. Encourage people to find their own way (they are writing about what they are passionate about)
  3. The only right way is that there is no right way... so no judgement

So we are building a local community mini blog site...

where we can showcase all our local bloggers.

There will be categories... these categories will evolve over time of course to include all the different blogs we have already out there today and easily updated for all the new blogs I hope this encourages people to start!

Are you a Blogger?
Do you know of a great local blog?

If so then please do tweet us the blog address so we can include it on @L4GSWHerts or email ... or fill in the form on our contact us page.

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