Sunday, 23 April 2017

Chorleywood to have a Food Festival 29th May 2017

If you hadn't yet caught up with the news yet Chorleywood is to have a Food Festival

It will be held on the Whitsun bank holiday weekend at the end of May.

The idea is the brain child of Daniel Rolnick who is the main administrator on the This is WD3 facebook group and who also started the WD3 Foodies group in 2015 now with some 2,000+ members.

PRESS RELEASE can be read here :

There is ample opportunity to get involved in this first ever food festival in Chorleywood... the first I am sure that will be of many going into the future...

If you are a Food Fan? Get this date : 29th May into your calendar.. check out the visitor info here

If you are a Local Food Business? Talk to Daniel about being at the festival and taking an active role

If you run a food related business from home? Discounted stand rates to join in the fun

If you have a family secret recipe? Come and share mum's / dad's / granny's tasty treat

If you are a budding food entrepreneur? Now is your time to shine... make a bit of money for your school or charity

This is a real community event. Designed right from the start as an expose of all the fabulous eateries and catering services that we have in our vicinity... but more than that.. a chance for the whole community to come together around one of the oldest discussion topics ever 'Food'.

Below Daniel talking to Chris Ogle about the Food festival...