Monday, 10 April 2017

History Quizzes coming to SW Herts District

Do you like pub quizzes? 

If so then this might be right up your street... in more ways than one!

Starting in Croxley on the 4th May at +The Kitchen Croxley +David Sawyer will be the quiz master in what will be a 1st for South West Herts we believe. This is a Quiz about Croxley Green... held in Croxley Green about what is happening (or has happened) in Croxley Green... but interestingly where the questions are set by the community themselves.

The idea behind these Community Quizzes is to enable local people to learn (and share knowledge) about the area they live in. There are many local people with a wealth of knowledge about the area and the information is stuck inside people's heads. Being able to research our community, share and discover all this local knowledge in a fun way will hopefully make for a really interesting evening.

We might surprise ourselves and make some new friends and connections just as a result of learning who proposed the question and the background behind it...

When we know more about where we live we tend to feel better about it... and this positive energy has been proven to enhance community... so are we ready for a bit of enhancement?

How will it work? 

  • Practicalities : 6 tables (teams) of 4... each team member paying the entry fee £10 (includes a cake and coffee)
  • Categories : There will be 5 categories lasting 25 minutes each. 2 hours 5 minutes. With an interval in the middle. There will also be a Marathon round... to be completed during the evening.
  • Question Setting : This is the interesting part. There will be a website published this week where you the community can submit your questions (and answers). This gives everyone of us a chance to get at least one question right during the evening.
  • Winning Team : The team that wins will receive a small prize too.

The 5 Categories will be :-

Sport, Geography, Notables, History and Industry + marathon round (set by the quiz master himself)

Running Order

The whole evening will kick off at 7:00pm (for 7:30pm start) and finish around 10:30pm. So a really rewarding and hopefully enlightening evening for us all...

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