Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Launch of our SW Herts District BLOGGERS website

Finally it is here...

Our South West Herts local bloggers directory.

For those who remain mystified by the term 'Blogging' then please do take a look at the website... there is a section all about "What's blogging?".

Visit our Local Bloggers Directory

Actually blogging all started in earnest back in 2004 but kind of lost its way when social media started gaining popularity... I've a feeling though it may well make a comeback. Blogging is a place where you can actually say things that you want to say without a sea of comments ensuing. It is your space... a chance for you to share where you are at, what you love doing, what's happening in your life...

In today's world there is so much noise and timelines are so fast and furious (and there is some manipulation there too) that we just don't see things that might interest us. Blogging allows us the space to write what we want without fear of reprisal from the hoards... but also... in my view Blogging provides a chance to consider, to reflect and this for many of us is a powerful force for good. Therapeutic? ... probably but also an oasis of stillness to think about what we are writing about.

I like blogs... they have grown up a lot since the 2004 era. Blogs are not throw away spontaneous comments made when under the influence, or as a riposte to an inappropriate post. They are measured more often than not and thoughtful pieces which give us a deeper insight into the mind of the author.

It's great to now have a place to host all our local bloggers content. If you know of a blogger... or you are yourself a blogger then do go onto the website and let us know... we can then pop you into our Blog Gallery and encourage people to discover your thoughts!

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