Friday, 28 April 2017

What was this bunch of people doing in the Kitchen Croxley today?

We were having fun but what else?

Sharing knowledge, expertise, tips and generally supporting each other in our businesses.

Once a month... soon to be twice a month, the +The Kitchen Croxley plays host to an informal working lunch.

A FREE to attend event where local business people can come and work together with the specific Intent of helping each other get over hurdles, around obstacles and move on in their business.

So today... here is a short list of some of the things we covered...
  • Screen capture from an iPhone and then upload to Facebook
  • How to use facebook as a CRM tool
  • How to add a workshop with Video and Documents to the +Link4Skills training platform
  • How to create a Facebook Group... upload the main picture, invite people, update the group's description (purpose) and to put on some extra admin people
  • Blogging and why it might be a good idea to start... overview of the main blogging platforms and which ones might work
  • Where to start on a social media business strategy when everyone keeps bombarding you into overwhelm with information and good ideas
  • Website design and benefits of different platforms
  • Accounting... when you are starting out what do you need... bookkeeping... filing... sole traders... partnerships and limited companies..
  • Connections were shared... signposting to other people... useful new apps to make life a bit simpler on the phones
  • What to do after a networking event..
  • How to analyse a twitter account to see if the person is worth following back
  • Bite sized low cost training and how to access it
  • Where to go (apart from today's session) in SW Herts for quick answers, support advice and guidance at no cost (except buying your own refreshments)... so that you can move on in your business without spending a fortune.
It was fun... it was lively... and everyone went away with new knowledge... contacts to follow up... things to try and do... and ideas for growing their endeavour... 

Big thanks to +linda anderson and the team at the Kitchen for fabulous sandwiches and an endless supply of tea and coffee which kept us going throughout the session.

If you want to come along and join us please do... you can find out more on this this SW Herts Help website

which has been set up to help all micro and small businesses across the region... goes under the name of the Town Business Creatives...

Click here to go straight to the page with the calendar of events
(the calendar is towards the end of the page)

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