Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Pop up Table Tennis

Table tennis is a sport that we've probably all had a go at. 

I know when I first picked up a bat the challenge to get that ball back on the other side of the table no matter what was an irresistible draw.

There are not so many places to 'give it a go' these days... It seemed with works canteens and social clubs of yesteryear that there were more places to 'chance by' table tennis.

As chairman of the Watford Table Tennis League... my remit is to ensure the future of Table Tennis locally and consequently I have acquired some mini table tennis tables that require minimal space and that can be easily transported.

The idea is to open up the opportunity to experience Table Tennis is a fun way... through increased engagement, new connections... more people experiencing the game and perhaps even discover some new venues which could host more formal Table tennis going forward... In an ideal world we might find a new home for some of the teams that play in the Watford League itself.

If you are interested in new ideas around Table Tennis as a means of bringing people together for a bit of fun, along with other initiatives or just a fun thing to do all on its own then please let me know. You can contact me on twitter @chrisogle or through email sme7.chrisogle@gmail.com

Below a bit of video captured using Google Glasses (video camera built into wearable glasses) so you can see first hand how it was for me playing against Abbas from Shamma Dry Cleaners (Croxley) ... this trial event was hosted by +The Kitchen Croxley

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Kitchen Folk with Christopher Lawley

When I first heard about Kitchen Folk ... I thought it was all about 'Folk stuff' at +The Kitchen Croxley. But it isn't...

The significance in the use of the word Folk is for 'people' and so the meaning of  'Kitchen Folk' is literally... people who meet at the Kitchen Croxley (venue) once per month (4th Wednesday from 7:30pm)

I had visions of Morris Dancers and other 'folkie' things going on and it turns out it is nothing of the sort. So... if you would actually like to experience a kind of 'Camp Fire' gathering of local people who can just be there, support each other, or even share something (no pressure) then that is what it's all about.

Christopher Lawley runs the group... you can catch him on Facebook easily enough and there is also a facebook group here...

Below +Chris Ogle chatting with Christopher Lawley about Kitchen Folk...

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Local candidates for the Watford constituency

With the exception of the Conservative incumbent Richard Harrington the 3 candidates, Chris Ostroswki (Labour), Ian Stotesbury (Lib Dem) and Alex Murray (Green Party) giving us an insight into their proposals. +Neal Emery from Reason Coffee Shop & Bookstore provides his views on what he believes are the most important issues of our time...


Non political party related but a view of a Watford resident and Business Owner Neal Emery

Credits: Videos all recorded and produced by Mustr

Monday, 5 June 2017

Table Tennis for fun at The Kitchen

Table Tennis is an amazing game... 

did you know that often you have to make 3 decisions a second when playing the game?

This is brilliant for keeping the mind active and agile... so if you are a baby boomer... time to pick up a bat and start playing!

Table tennis is the second most popular sport in the world after Fishing believe it or not.... and there are more registered table tennis players in China than there are people in the UK...

Table Tennis is a fascinating game... often touted as chess at a million miles an hour it's both an exciting and exhilarating sport that is available to all, very inclusive, and can be played indoors in all weathers. It's really quick to set up and get going so it is a real shame that over the years there have been fewer and fewer venues where you can play.

But there is a little acorn of an initiative starting at +The Kitchen Croxley this Friday from 5-7pm. Two fun sized tables for anyone that wants to just come along pick up a bat and have an experience of just joining in.

This isn't a session for superstars... or would be world champions... it's actually a chance for anyone in the community to come together and have a bit of fun... Afterwards, if you find you like Table Tennis then just ask and we can signpost you on to further information.

Event Details on the Kitchen Facebook page here...