Thursday, 6 July 2017

NHS Nascot Lawns children's respite centre under threat

So why is it that it always seems that the most vulnerable are hit time after time?

We all know money is tight... but it is a complete misnomer that there is 'no money'. When the money is needed for things that are 'found out' to be wrong... like fire prevention on tower blocks, money which wasn't available suddenly arrives.

However when there isn't the opportunity to gain public votes... when it isn't an emergency... when the people who it effects are unable to defend themselves and it basically hurts the vulnerable in society... the money is NOT AVAILABLE. Doing the right thing 'when no one is watching' seems to be very absent in those that would have us believe are looking after our best interests. Whatever happened to integrity?

If you wanted to look at this from a cynical perspective, here we have a a large property in significant grounds on a plot of land worth millions. We have a remit for all public service providers to save, save, save. In this instance there is not only a saving but the very real prospect of a large cash injection to boot. A double whammy.

What happens to the families? ... 

well the other support services will have to pick up the slack. Really? How will they be seeking additional funding for the increased work and skills required? ... is this a case of, well it's off my spreadsheet, I'm not bothered where it goes at least I've shown some savings in my area? ... and by the way do I get a bonus for finding that cash injection for the one off sale of a community asset?

What of the increased care required for the parents, already at breaking point and surviving with the promise of that tiny piece of respite once in a while. What of the siblings who get precious little of the parents time already... what of the rest of the family members who see loved ones crumbling under the strain... what of them?

Is this not just a complete false economy anyhow?  Has no one even considered the implications. Was this just we have to make cuts, this is expensive, let's just tick that one shall we? ... Has no thought at all been put into the scale of devastation this decision will bring to so many in the borough.

All these parents and families are looking for is for some brave person 'with influence' to actually say. Hang on this isn't right. When everyone has been hammered with austerity measures (not discussing them here) for years and now... this is just one step too far. We have two very powerful individuals (as far as the existing system of governance is concerned) in Richard Harrington and Dame Dorothy Thornhill. If there was ever a time for these folk to show their true colours I would suggest that time just arrived.

Please take a look at the video below... an interview with Marlene Rhodes whose family depend on the services provided at the Nascot Lawn Day centre... there is a petition to sign at the end of this post if you haven't already done so... please sign it...

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