Saturday, 26 August 2017

Watford Homeless Project and underwear...

I’m writing this while everything is fresh in my mind; just had an excellent meeting with Steve Devine and Ian Masters from New Hope Trust. We were discussing and collaborating about the imminent blog post with our rough sleepers. Whilst there, we also talked about the best use of the money which was raised recently, through our charity event for sleeping bags.

Rather than sleeping bags, the greatest need at the moment… is a stash of pants! Queue silly picture…

After having a shower, the guys just don’t have enough pants and socks. So, I am going to give £100 to buy these exclusively. I am quite passionate about the money going directly to the rough sleepers, one of the nice things about the New Hope Trust is that if you want to give money for something specific (i.e. it doesn’t go on running their organisation) then you can do that. The benefit for me is also that it avoids waste/time/effort e.g. “When I say pants, I do actually mean boxer shorts…and the socks, well we had a donation of really thick socks once that were just impossible to use!” said a staff member.

There are some practical aspects of support that are beyond my level of expertise! I’m keeping the other £100 in the kitty at the moment. I’m really struggling to find a pun that uses kitty and pants so am going to sign off here!

Any thoughts/comments/bad jokes are welcome:

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