Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Local Bakery wins best loaf... September Baking awards

It is old news now that Cinnamon Square is a multi award winning local bakery... indeed back in September (2017) down in Park Lane, Paul Barker did it again with his aptly named Church Street Sour, a loaf that gets its distinctive sour taste from a 12 year old culture 'fermented' on the premises.

You can read the full story on the Baking Awards presented by Denise Van Outen in this link Cinnamon Square wins Britains Best Loaf award.

We caught up with Paul Barker the proprietor of Cinnamon Square in a recent interview (shown below). It is incredibly humbling to know that we have a baker who has dedicated almost his entire working life learning about the art of baking and everything that goes with it.

After the interview Paul shared with me some of his more technical knowledge (and there is a lot of it) about the art of baking. One thing that comes across clearly is Paul's passion for his craft. Cinnamon Square is no doubt the epitome of a first class local, community centric bakery and to be really honest we are very lucky to have such quality in close proximity. Paul and his team have 'infected' thousands of local people with the enthusiasm to try baking through classes and workshops held on the premises and they are as popular today as they have ever been.

Please do watch the video below... better still... go down there and pick up some of the finest bread available anywhere in the UK.

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