Monday, 6 November 2017

Small Acts of Kindness - Now not so small...

Back in January 2015 during the coldest few days of the winter Lynne Misner experienced the horror of living in a house without heating. 

Living in a house without heating turns a lovely warm home into a cold, grey and uncomfortable place. It's like going from a colourful world to a black and white one, where everything you do is tainted by the feeling of being cold and trying to stay warm.

In this heightened state of awareness Lynne caught sight of a newspaper article stating that many elderly people on a fixed income often have to make the choice between heating and eating. In the 21st century Lynne questioned why do we still have this going on?

Often from a place of discomfort we see and experience things differently and after scouring the Internet Lynne spotted an "unfulfilled need" and then got very busy.

Gift packs for anyone over 55 who was having to make the choice between heating their home or eating. 50 packs in the first year... 2,000+ in the second and 4,500+ this year...

What was a small act of kindness has now turned into a very large act of kindness and it is growing all the time. The initiative has led to a huge community of volunteers who help out with packing days and managing the logistics of what is now a substantial organisation.

Small Act of Kindness works with the council, local businesses, other community groups and charities... plus they connect together lonely and vulnerable people... working together this is the start of rebuilding community which is vitally important and sadly lacking in this busy busy world we live in.

Below is a short interview with Lynne... the passion and the energy is self evident. Amazing to hear how far this project has already come... there is more work still to do in Hertfordshire... and then? ... maybe supporting the initiative throughout the country? ... It would be a braver man than I to bet against it!

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