Monday, 29 January 2018

From Anger to Action, Gecko Theatre opening the door for social change

Earlier in the month, We posted Are you disillusioned by Brexit or being "Wedded" to the state? which was to introduce the performance by the Gecko Theatre company and their new play "The Wedding".

The performances took place last week at Watford Palace Theatre on Tuesday and Wednesday with the finale on Thursday. The show will be touring the UK before embarking on a world wide tour with the first stops being South Korea and Australia.

The production brings into question whether our own contract with the state that we are born into works for us or not... and encourages us each to consider what part we play; either going along with what is (continuing with the wedding contract) or... Taking Action and following our passion.

Amit Lahav the creative director of "The Wedding" channelled his anger at 'the state of the state', into his area of expertise and passion (theatre) to produce an emotional rollercoaster of an experience that, for many, could be the catalyst for "Taking Action" and innovating new ideas and hope in our communities.

On Saturday Amit hosted a workshop back at the Theatre for those that felt compelled to take this further. The purpose of the workshop? ... to bring those passionate about 'Taking Action' to come together in an atmosphere of 'being free from the pressure to meet any needs or expectations of others' to share, innovate, co-create and collaborate ideas for social change locally around Watford.

It was a privilege to be amongst 30+ people, from a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and experience (like community) and just feel the energy, and desire, to do something. The collective enthusiasm and excitement was amazing. I think Amit has struck a chord here with many, and through his unique production provided an insight into the very real appetite for change that exists out there in our communities.

The real challenge is growing that momentum into a tidal wave of unstoppable action and growing the beliefs that

  1. We are not alone in our dissatisfaction of where we are, there are thousands, if not millions of us
  2. That we can take action, we don't need permission, no one is stopping us
  3. We are the cavalry, no one else is going to do this. Only we 'collectively' have enough resources to bring about the changes we each would like to see
  4. That by joining up the dots we can support, help and learn from each other
  5. We do not have to inherit our future, we can create it, by doing what works for us

... and the most exciting thing is... we can start right now!

I share Amit's passion for continued development and growth of grass roots change. We have the potential to create a very different future and it would be amazing if looking back 'The Wedding' was instrumental in inspiring people to 'get up and take action'. What a legacy that would be Amit?

The workshop on Saturday provided an opportunity for local people wanting to 'do something' to meet each other. That community of change makers is so vital. Many great ideas die and wither on the vine simply because it is so tough to be the 1st to do something differently. It's enough to challenge ourselves to go in a different direction, but when everyone around you is judging and trying to pull you back, the odds soon stack up against us. That's why we need to work together and co-create... we're never alone... we just need a great support network.

In Watford (South West Herts) we have been working at building this support network and infrastructure for 6 years now, based on the ideas of Link4Growth. It has been evolving over that time and still continues to do so.  What it seeks to provide is :-
  • A voice for all local groups and people doing great work in the community
  • Free to use noticeboard for all those that wish to add their own updates / stories
  • Local calendars of community activity, to raise awareness of what's happening (shared access, updated by those wishing to do so)
  • Local events to get support / help : Community Coffees (free to attend, no agenda)
  • Regular "Learning Sessions" so we can all pick up new skills and improve ourselves and our effectiveness in what we are seeking to achieve
  • A set of tools that accelerates the process from an idea to action (nationally)
  • Self funding. Owned by the Members of the Association (totally inclusive). Not linked to Government, not political, no profit motive (not owned by a business), not attached to any religious groups.
  • Links and connections to local 'community centric' businesses 

As Amit and the Gecko Theatre company tour the UK, they will undoubtedly uncover a real appetite for change right across the country. Each area will have their own set of challenges whether they be economic, geographical or human, but by connecting, collaborating, and sharing our talents, experience and energy we have a real opportunity here... let's Do It shall we?

If you would like to get in touch about any of the above details below

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