Sunday, 4 March 2018

Open Talk TV SWHerts moves a step closer...

It was back in 2016 that the original idea was mooted for a local TV channel to provide a voice for local people to share stories about local issues.

Over the past couple of months this has been resurrected. Plenty of discussions have been taking place with Victoria Hart of Hart-in-Media a local  award winning video production company to bring this into being.

Victoria Hart
The aim of the TV Channel is to bring stories to light of things going on in our community which need addressing. This isn't an opportunity to just have a moan, rather, to look at the situation and work out how it can be turned around so everyone can win.

We often see in society situations that don't sit well with us, or that we feel could be improved. Being a completely independent channel... not funded by business or others with specific agenda's we are hoping that Open Talk TV - SWHerts can begin a trend that starts to emerge in other parts of the country...

There are a great many stories out there... sometimes they are only from one perspective, but by airing those views and canvassing others, hopefully we can begin the process of opening dialogue and seeking solutions where everyone wins, rather than just a few with influence and the financial strength.

Example of recent work by Victoria Hart

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