Thursday, 5 April 2018

Christmas Day? WT....?

Eh? Christmas Day at Easter?! Well all I can say is I have been very busy!! I/m not a social media junkie, and recently became aware that some people think they 'know' me by what is written in social media. It's another example of the rapid judgementalism which we all seem to suffer from...fake news people!! That said, I have taken an extraordinarily long time to finish my blog, and to update the Watford Homeless website. I am remiss, and shall put this straight forthwith. Hence Christmas...

I'm a bit 'bah humbug' about Christmas. I find the whole build up quite stressful, loads of people in the shops and a very materialistic attitude from the entire world (or so it seems). I do daydream about going away, having a 'not Christmas' somewhere but where would I go to escape? Every media channel from Facebook to terrestrial t.v. gets infected by the seasonal bug. I would have to find a total retreat, somewhere off the beaten track, and disconnect from all things electronic from say, October to December (those early adverts drive me crazy!).

Instead, I try to get in the spirit...but this year I refused to engage in the mass commercialisation of what was, once, a simple Pagan festival. I decided not to buy presents. This is how the idea of volunteering on Christmas Day began.

A work colleague, Sarah Wood approached me (knowing my feelings about the season of goodwill!) about spending some time with the homeless on Christmas morning instead. This little project just grew and soon enough we had a little army of well-wishers. The New Hope trust were pleased with our donations and one of the nice things was having children involved as well.

We raised a small amount - which are going on pants yet again - to donate, in addition to the small food mountain that some people brought along!

What to do next year? Perhaps this is my 'retreat' to do something for others and try to forget the Christmas madness all around.

Bah humbug and a Happy New Year :)

(Seriously, Ruth, it's Happy Easter!!!)

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