Monday, 25 June 2018

Are you a teacher suffering from burnout?

Teachers leaving education because they want to teach not be statisticians!

I've personally met quite a few teachers who loved teaching but sadly, regrettably have had to leave the profession they were so passionate about. Why would you do that?

Pressure, Stress, no free time, no family time, and decisions being made at work you don't agree with. Decisions that attempt to monitor and justify the way education is delivered rather than for the benefit of children and our young adults.

The outcome is "teacher burnout" you can only do it for so long. Ex-Teachers can't possibly return to the education system either "as is" because of what it has done to them. What then is to become of these teachers?

Most ex-Teachers will tell you, they love teaching but they can't go back to that. This is a huge waste of talent and a huge resource that has had billions invested in them.

Entrance stage left : Zarina Mo

Zarina 2 years ago would have read the above and identified with every point. A love of teaching but impossible to even consider a return to an environment that shattered her confidence and brought on depression through continual pressure and stress from an education system at breaking point.

But Kids still need to be taught... Parents are more demanding than ever of their children, and have high expectations (not saying this is necessarily a good thing) of achievement. Hence the rise and rise of Private Tutoring.

Two years on

Zarina has a thriving local Tutoring business. But it hasn't been easy Zarina would be the first to admit. How do you set up a business? What about Tax? What about expenses? How do you advertise, get found and generate business? ... isn't this just leaping out of the frying pan into the fire?

Help is at hand

As a teacher, Zarina has documented all the challenges she has faced over the past two years in getting her tutoring business to thrive and in the spirit of 'giving back' during the summer months (quieter period for teachers) she would like to help others on the same path.

Zarina explains most ex-teachers think that you can't just go out and teach. There must be some authorising body or something, an exam, or a certificate, mustn't there? ... the answer is no. Most teachers went to school... then university and then... back to the classroom again, so there is almost a complete absence of time and experience out of academia.

The bottom line is... if you like teaching, you have students who want to learn, you know what you are talking about, the students improve, and parents / children like you and believe you can help, then you can be a tutor.

Final words

As Zarina explains... one of the worst feelings in the world is when you love doing something and you feel that you won't ever be able to do it again. Burnt out teachers are often in this place...

Zarina can help anyone either going through this burn out phase (or even approaching it) to be able to do what they love without the gargantuan bureaucracy of the education system. Private Tutoring is on the rise and this is an expanding market...

If this is you... or even someone you know, then get in touch with Zarina... it might be the best thing you've done all year!

Zarina Mo
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