Sunday, 1 July 2018

Adding the SWHerts Networking calendar to your diary (mobile)

On many occasions people have asked, where is the SWHerts Networking calendar? How do I find out about events? ... had I known I would have come, now I have something else on...

Well all of these issues can be removed quite simply by adding the calendar as another calendar to your own calendaring system. This can be Outlook or Google Calendars... or any calendaring application that can accommodate the ICAL standard that has been devised.

Basically what you have to do is add a 'Public' calendar as another calendar to your application.

In Google calendars there is an option to "Add a friend's calendar" do this on the Desktop / Laptop version of the calendar application... There will be a similar option on Outllook and other diary apps.

Once you have selected that option you will be presented a few options that will look like this...

  • New Calendar
  • Browse calendars of interest
  • From a URL
  • Import calendar

You will be needing the From a URL option

Once selected you will be invited to enter a URL with a screen that might look like below

All you need to do now is paste the link below into the URL of calendar and in future all the calendar events that are added to the SWHerts Networking Calendar will be automatically added to your calendar.

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