Sunday, 1 July 2018

We are what we eat? Well it is a great start anyway...

Thanks to Sainsburys for
sponsoring the event 
There is no doubt about it... something is seriously wrong with what we are eating. Yes of course the air is more polluted, the food is being genetically modified, and there are chemicals that are used in vast numbers in the food we eat. Given all of that... we still have plenty of opportunity to make choices.

Whether our choices are because advertising is getting us with the next KFC, McDonalds, Pizza... or...  that we have just abdicated our responsibility for taking care of what we eat, believing that the food industry's primary concern is our nutrition and well being. We of course know that is not the case. Perhaps we don't know why so many people are obese and / or struggling with health related issues like diabetes, and we've decided... we'll only worry about it if it happens to us.

Consider this... our cells replicate in vast numbers each day... the only way they can do this is with the right combination of nutrients and minerals. They come from what we eat in the main... or what we put on our skin. If we're not putting in good stuff... then the output wont be good either.

Last Friday I was invited to an event at Watford Central Library. This was hosted by Rachel Dimond who runs an organisation called My Yard. Rachel does a huge amount of community work in many ways but My Yard has taken on a really important job.

Those helping to make the event a great success
My Yard takes fruit and veg from supermarkets where it is getting past its prime and combines this with other fruit and veg to produce Veggie Boxes. Many of these are sold to provide funds to give the same boxes to those in dire need, and who really need some support.

Rachel had also brought along too speakers... Radio 2 Presenter and Author on all things health (especially nutrition) :  Janey Lee Grace,  the other : Jamuna Haim who is a iridologist and Nutritionist previously working at Champneys.

Salad lunch preparation
Sainsburys sponsored the whole event with a wide selection of fruit and vegetables some of which was transformed into a fabulously healthy salad based lunch... the remainder we were invited to take away and make some delicious food for ourselves.

There is no question that the main messages from the event were... the body doesn't count calories... what it does need is Vitamins, Nutrients and minerals... and... that if we eat a balanced, varied range of colourful in season fruit and vegetables we are well on the way to giving our bodies what they need,

Thanks to Rachel for organising the event, the speakers, Sainsburys, the Watford Library and the support team for making it all happen magically.

The collection of fresh fruit and veg I managed to collect to take home... very delicious!

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