Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Walk in the Park and the Community Gospel Choir

Yesterday was the first instance of the Link4Growth "Walk and Talk" event in Cassiobury Park. A bank holiday weekend too sounded the alarm bells about the weather but as the saying goes "There is no such thing as inclement weather just inappropriate clothing".

At 1pm we assembled at the Cha Cafe... it was raining at the start as it was raining at the end of the walk... but the conversation was both varied and lively... Here are a few of the topics discussed but are just a handful of what I can remember...

"Sustainability, Farming, Seeds, Bermuda, Honduras, Poland, Hungary, Britain, London,  Community, Events, Oil, Canals, History of Cassiobury, Watford, Education, Books, Cooking, Technology, Weather (of course), Cassiobury country show (very quiet)... politics of course scraped in there eventually, a bit about 'anarchy' and the problems of the global economy, oh and Brexit too!"

So a wide range of topics as we walked past the Cassiobury country show... at about 11-12c, raining and a stiff breeze, the car park was very empty and the country show was understandably very quiet. We stopped to chat for a bit, and they were hoping for better weather on Bank holiday Monday (show was open for two days).

As we approached the bandstand it looked like the Community Gospel Choir was about to pack up and go home... had we missed the performance? With it still raining they'd almost given up any hope of people coming out to listen... we decided to stay a while and provide an audience "such as we were" at least someone to sing to. There was enthusiastic banter as the choir robed up and we made our presence felt with total appreciation for their dedication and what was a great performance.

The Gospel Arts Manna Choir practices in the Asda Community Room (North Watford) on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm for those that might like to enquire... 

Sadly after another 75 minutes... the cold, the hunger and 'nature calling' we made our way out of the park... The first Walk and Talk event a great success... we finished circa 3:15pm ... another event next month on the 23rd September 2018... come and join us...

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