Monday, 29 October 2018

Sunday Walk and Talk

Picture courtesy of Jacqui Dee
A chance to get out once a month and enjoy the "Jewel in Watford's crown". Between 1 and 3pm every 4th Sunday of the month you can join others on a Sunday Walk and Talk. A chance to stroll around what is one of the most beautiful parks in the country; right on our doorstep.

For two hours we take in all that Cassiobury Park has to offer whilst enjoying vibrant conversation with our fellow walkers. So often when we speak with others we are facing each other in chairs, inside buildings. It is very different when we walk side by side in the outdoors.

The avenue to the River Gade & Canal
Conversations this Sunday ranged from discussing the majesty of mother nature, the rapid arrival of Winter from Summer seemingly still here just a couple of weeks back, to... Education, History, Lifestyle, Money, living on the canal, housing, money, travel, history of Watford... and lots more besides.

There is something magical and very different about the conversations when in nature... maybe it is nature itself that promotes a different kind of energy, but the crisp air of mid Autumn, the beautiful surroundings and the sun shining can't help but give you a lift.

Cassiobury Locks
The Sunday Walk and Talk takes place every 4th Sunday. Meet up 1pm at Cha Cafe and we progress from there... next time will be Sunday 25th November.  We'll be walking along the canal and then back through Whippendell woods.

You can book to join us here... it is free to come along... we look forward to seeing you...

Looking across to the bandstand from Cha Cafe

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