Friday, 7 December 2018

Link4Growth is here to serve the community in SWHerts

Link4Growth has been present in South West Herts for 7 years now... The organisation which is now an Association (has been for 18 months) is not one to shout about itself. Generally it goes about its purpose quietly and discreetly with intent.

The main purpose of Link4Growth is to create spaces where people can come together, without any agenda and have conversations, everything starts with a conversation... By bringing people together from all walks of life we can learn about those that live in our communities and find ways to help and support each other. Conversations lead to people taking action.

Link4Growth shares local good news, writes stories about wonderful local initiatives and the people behind them, and opens doors for new connections and collaboration opportunities. So do get in touch if you have a story to tell! The Community Hub Website can be found here.

However there might be a few things that you didn't know about Link4Growth ...

What is Link4Growth?

A decentralised leaderless Association, owned by its members (those who have been a friend of Link4Growth for over 14 months),  to nurture conversation and empower us to contribute to co-creating a more sustainable future that serves us all.

Link4Growth encourages people to take responsibility for their lives. Through conversation and the extensive knowledge in the community we can learn about anything from Health and Wellness, through to business development, finance, and even spirituality...

Main Ideologies

Non Political
Non Religious
Not for profit, with no assets, no directors, no shareholders, and no desire to make money
All about People and Relationships

4 Types of Growth for ourselves

Grow ourselves (personal development programme)
Grow our personal network
Grow our own business
Grow our communities we live in

Those wishing to participate often align with...

  • Being the best version of themselves
  • Striving to become a great human being
  • Seeking happiness through doing what we love

We aspire to uphold the 7 Principles of Link4Growth

  1. everyone is important
  2. everyone should be respected
  3. everyone should be able to contribute
  4. everyone should be heard
  5. everyone has value
  6. everyone is equal
  7. everyone is on their own journey

The behaviours we practice...

  1. Don't tell people what to do, we encourage people to unfold their own lives
  2. Only share our perspective when given permission to do so
  3. Give unconditionally without expecting return
  4. Facilitate creating spaces where people Can come together and are free from pressure to meet the needs or expectations of others

Growing ourselves...

By attending events, being present and engaging in conversation we can begin to learn from others (and share what we know). As trust develops between people our curiosity enables us to make minor changes in our lives (if we choose too) and over time significantly grow ourselves... most of us aren't even aware that this is happening.

Candle Making
Link4Growth could be considered a playground to try new things out in a supportive, nurturing environment without fear of being judged. Anything from sharing our own skills (presenting),  taking responsibility for an event, public speaking, or even honing social media skills to help out Link4Growth before applying to your own projects. 

There really is something for everyone... a walk with friends in Cassiobury Park? ... or joining a mentoring group with 5 other local businesses to grow your business...  do check it out... people are growing, meeting new people, and having a lot of fun all at the same time... it can be quite lonely out there, Link4Growth is totally inclusive; all are welcomed...

Final Words...

Link4Growth operates entirely from those that choose to support the organisation. The Association is very 'lean', rather than ask the question "How are we going to raise the money to do this?", we ask, "How can we do this without any money?". Once you ask for money then you must report to the masters who lent it!

As such the organisation operates solely on the Subscriptions from the "Friend's of Link4Growth" and the members of the "Business Development Network" known as Link4Business.

This means that its destiny and its continuation rests entirely within the Association's own hands. It can't be shut down by an exterior body... it isn't registered with companies house or the charities commission... the future lays with those who have been Friends of Link4Growth for 14 months or more... 

Operating a Leaderless, self sustaining model means Link4Growth is here for the long haul to provide a safety net of Kindness and Compassion for those that need it... By operating physical events to build community in the real world... and... online through social media and our recently launched forum where we bring like minded people together, wherever they are.

Why not join us... You might just get hooked!