Thursday, 31 January 2019

Kundalini Yoga - a first experience

Having been working on my Hatha Yoga for approximately 2 years, and becoming more aware, you pick up that there are many forms of Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga I had heard of from a networking group I belong to, but as a novice you believe it's probably not a lot different really, how many forms of Yoga can there be?

Harsha (my connection) was considering beginning a Kundalini class in North Watford and after a few months she did just that. The classes have been running for a good few months now, each Wednesday with the exception of the 1st Wednesday.

So what was it like?

Well... it is a lot different. My first thoughts from the one experience is that Kundalini Yoga is about invoking and releasing an energy that resides coiled up at the base of the spine and by doing so taking that energy through the various chakras. The result of doing this is to achieve, through a variety of different sequences, positions, and breathing techniques a range of specific outcomes. Each sequence (set) of positions (and there are many many called Kriyas) cover things like Love, Anxiety, and creativity... but there are hundreds of them.

It was quite hard work

Harsha took us through an active Kundalinu Kriya to awaken the 10 bodies (correct me if I am wrong about this Harsha... there is a lot to Kriyas).

Basically we went through a series of positions with breathing being an integral part of the position or movement in the position. "Breath of fire" was indelibly imprinted on my memory last night... 

There are a lot of things I recognised in the Kundalini practice of course, after all both Kundalini and Hatha are both Yoga practices... Yoga positions apply to both types but there are huge variations on how Yoga is delivered these days... 

Hot Yoga, Yoga for fitness (more like Pilates), chair Yoga and many more.

Opening up your awareness

I think last night I got a new vision of Yoga in that it can be applied in a variety of different ways on our own journey and is a vast subject. You only have to take a look at this Wikipedia Article to get a sense of where this has all come from over the centuries, and the wisdom and enlightenment that has both created it, and been created through it.

Final words...

As a very curious person which lead me to 'try out' Hatha Yoga... and a wide network of people that give us the opportunity to be curious in a wide variety of ways... Harsha has opened up a vast next step space in discovering more of the mysteries of spirituality through Yoga... as they say... the more we know the more we realise we don't know... 

My journey continues unabated...


If you would like to know more about Kundalini Yoga then use the details below to contact Harsha

Harsha's phone number : 07930 968788
Harsha's Facebook page:

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