Thursday, 3 January 2019

Learning Sessions to bring people together

Back in 2017 in South West Herts we began to develop the idea of Learning new things in a fun and interactive environment on the basis of "pay according to the value that you received".

Some 16 months later on the "Learning Sessions" have evolved. During this time we have enhanced the range of Learning Sessions, Opened up the sessions so that others can begin delivering them and towards the end of 2018 introduced more practical based sessions with Candle making taking the lead.

In 2019 we are going to further extend the practical craft sessions with Soap making, Art and also Colouring-in initially. January will see 2 sessions of each being offered one in the daytime and one in the evening (for those at work in the daytime). Practical sessions will mainly be hosted on Tuesdays... both for daytime and evening.

Other practical sessions coming up will be Breathing strategies (don't stop!), an introduction to Energy Healing, Mindfulness and NLP for everyday use. In the pipeline are also SEO (search engine optimisation) and CV / LinkedIn profile tips and tricks.

Ruth Lee has agreed to help develop the Education side of what we are doing in SWHerts and with Link4Skills, bringing her teaching and creative skills to the party! Ruth believes as I do that learning should be (1) Fun, (2) Engaging, and (3) Develop our creativity and problem solving skills.

We also have coming up a brand new newsletter for SWHertsSkills which will be once per month. So if you would like to be involved in Learning sessions either as a Venue, hosting a session on your area of expertise or as someone keen to grow your knowledge then please click this link to be added to the newsletter list...

Candle Making

We have now run some 6 of these sessions covering all different elements of candle making. We've never had so much fun... everyone goes away with a candle or two.

Dipping candles, moulds, home made moulds and a full explanation of the different types of wax, fragrances and dyes.

Soap Making

In this Learning Session we will be making cold fragranced soap. After we have made the soap it needs to rest for 12 hours or so when it will be ready to cut. We will be sharing how you can create your own soap recipes, where to get supplies of the ingredients and equipment needed (not much). All participants will receive Soap once cured.

Colouring In

"Colouring in" is known for it's meditative qualities and calming the mind. We will be providing a range of different designs to use on the "Learning Session" and of course books, should you want to buy and take home with you. Please bring your own pencils for colouring. If you would like to make your own outlines that can be done on the workshop too.


For many of us Art, painting, sketching is something we left behind a very long time ago. But with a little guidance and some inspiration you might just enjoy getting back in touch with your creativity.

Simple painting materials provided but if you have your own canvas, and / or paints them bring them along.

Final words...

We are never too old or too wise to learn new things... make 2019 the year you pick us some new skills... or if you have skills help others enjoy what you can already do!

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