Thursday, 7 February 2019

Learning from each other...

During the last couple of years in SWHerts we have been 'trialling' (I suppose you would call it) a new way for people to obtain the knowledge that they require without it costing them a stack of money.

Of course in reality with the skill and time you can pretty much find out everything you want to know these days on the Internet but it's just not the same as being in an interactive environment where you can 'experience' things, ask questions and move forward more rapidly.

The idea was based on sharing the knowledge that I have acquired which might be valuable to others where people can pay according to the value they believe they received.

I have been a life long learner and have been around the block a few times about a wide variety of things from business setup and growth, to using social media the way you need to use it, through to networking and many aspects of personal growth... you can see the extensive list of things here on a mini website to manage all these different 'Learning Sessions'.

The philosophy was... the knowledge is better off being shared with others than being stuck in my head where it is of no real value to others... and people can pick and choose which bits they wanted. There wasn't any price put on the training which meant that literally anyone could come, opening up the ability to learn to everyone not just those that could afford training...

What have we discovered from the experience?

This idea is a bit one dimensional. It relies on Chris Ogle doing the sessions... and in reality what would be great is to meet the other criteria listed below. Also, as it was "pay according to the value you received" it was often treated as "Free" and as many people stated this could have been seen as abuse of the 'real value' that was being received and of course the trainer. So...

  1. Continue the ability for people to pay if they want, using money as the medium of value exchange at a fixed price
  2. Open the concept up for people to offer a 'service or product' for the training that is agreed 'fair' exchange with the trainer
  3. Enables people with no hard cash to still get the knowledge they need
  4. Get people starting to think about what they have to offer, what skills they have themselves
  5. Begin to build self esteem and self value as people begin to witness the fact they have skills that people need AND VALUE!
  6. Encourage conversation about what we've done in the past, to unveil what we can offer, and the knowledge we have acquired
  7. Stimulate community and connecting, as we know begin to learn more about each other and who might need the skills we possess
  8. Look beyond money and develop different ways to give and receive value; reducing our dependency on money 
  9. Encourage more people to run sessions about what they know and join in with this 'knowledge sharing' idea
  10. Scaleable... engage more people to offer "learning sessions" if they are being VALUED for their knowledge

Simple example

  • A learning session for Painting and Drawing is being offered
  • Somebody would like to come but hasn't got the money £15
  • A discussion with the trainer ensues
  • The trainee is happy to cook a tin of lasagne, loves and is good at cooking, as an exchange for the learning session
  • The trainer is very busy, not much time for cooking and knows this lady cooks well
  • The exchange of VALUE is accepted
  • Win / Win


We're always looking to improve and develop what we are doing and the above which was suggested by Ruth Lee (an ex-school teacher who well understands the abuse of value and hidden work contribution) is now taking a more active role to flesh out the next stage for this exciting local community "knowledge sharing" initiative.

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