Sunday, 3 March 2019

Team L4G SWHerts growing nicely

Many in SWHerts have heard of Link4Growth either through attending one of the many free events each month or through word of mouth. No surprise really as Link4Growth has been around in these parts since 2011.

Link4Growth has been through a few changes in those 8 years... in fact many would say it is hardly recognisable from those early years... in a good way I might add. Some have been surprised at the resilience of an organisation that isn't for profit... has never asked for funding, grants or sponsorship, and has made it thus far purely on the continued support of its members; those that think the Association's objectives are much needed in today's world.

If you haven't checked out some of the details about Link4Growth of late then please do take a look at the blog on the website... you can find that here.

Directly or indirectly Link4Growth SWHerts District now supports some 20+ events every month. These range from community coffees (anyone can attend - no cost) through diverse events such as discussion evenings, candle making, soap making, business events, peer support mentoring groups, men's sharing circles... and even Walk and Talk events in Cassiobury Park.

As you can imagine this now requires a team of people to deliver each month, where we all contribute and play our part... although to be honest it is no trouble as they are always fun and connecting with other local people provides a rich vein of support and nurturance to us all.

This month I am away for the first 3 weeks pretty much so the team has stepped up massively in the first quarter to learn more about how the organisation works and it is with deep gratitude that I am able to dart off to Budapest for a 7 day, 70 hour meditation marathon knowing that the team is more than capable of delivering this wide range of activities for the people in SWHerts.

Special mention to a few people... Harsha Moore, Ruth Lee, Victoria Hart, Steve Z., Silpi, Nicola Hainsworth and David Sawyer... the magnificent 7... for direct support of events... and many thanks also to Nish Thenuwara for keeping all the technology behind the scenes going too!

For an extensive list of events do check the Link4Growth District - SWHerts Facebook events page where most of what is happening is listed... Why not try an event out this month... you'll avoid bumping into me as well!

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