Tuesday, 9 April 2019

SWHertsSkills ramps up for more practical workshops

Over the past months you will have perhaps read about (or seen, or even attended) some of the practical workshops that we have been hosting as part of SWHertsSkills. Let me first say that these aren't the only workshops going on... there is an excellent "arty evening" at the Kitchen Croxley and many others too...

However... we are ramping up. Under the excellent supervision of Ruth Lee we are expanding into some new areas...

Liquid Soap is going to make its Debut

You may have seen the various soaps (cold moulded) that we have been making... different colours, different scents and different moulds too (not shown). These are excellent soaps, make great gifts and are incredibly moisturising too.

However, lots of people prefer Liquid Soaps... you know... the ones that come in those plastic dispensing bottles. Liquid soap comes in lots of options... hand soap, shower gel / soap, shampoo even...

Debi King (enormously talented local lady) has already trail blazed with Liquid soaps making some over the past weekend... we look forward to integrating her learning into the sessions being put together.

Bottle Crafting

We have now obtained two bottle cutters. This is an exciting extension to the activities we are already hosting through SWHertsSkills

The cut bottles can be used for all manner of things from storing kitchen utensils on a work surface to a desk tidy... plant holders... or even making candles in...

No need to throw those bottles out now... let's reuse them and upcycle to make wonderful gifts, or for use around the home... no need to buy more new things when we have the raw ingredients already...

On the left hand side you can see bottles can be used as containers for smaller candles or... we can actually make the candle in the bottle itself...

Lots more ideas though... excited to explore the possibilities and putting together an album of what can be achieved...

WhatsApp Groups

We have already started a WhatsApp group for "CandleMaking" if you would like to keep up to date with events and what's happening with candle making locally then search for the "CandleMaking" group and ask to join!

We are running 3 candle making sessions in April... but there may well be 4 per month going forward.

SWHerts Link4Growth Team working hard

Having been away for the first 3 weeks of March it was plans had been put in place for people to take on new roles and assist with events...

So Link4Growth SWHerts was not only taken care of during March but we now have a rock solid team of people all supporting what we are doing with their own special talents.

OMG's : Harsha Moore is now into the 4th month of the current OMG group. Harsha is a local Kundalini Yoga instructor (and a discrimination solicitor)... and brings such a depth of awareness to all she does... such a pillar of strength for all of us

Link4Business : Silpi Babu is now working on developing our Business Development Network with our group on LinkedIn, supported by Steve Z. You can connect with both of them over there... and please if you are on LinkedIn join our SWHerts Group.

SWHertsSkills : Ruth Lee has arrived! ... Ruth has so many skills it is overwhelming... however she is building her own virtual craftmaking school... watch this space as it evolves into a multi faceted service with different people sharing their knowledge and expertise operating from multiple locations.

Community Building : This is being shared by all of us... Myself, all of the above plus David SawyerVictoria Hart, Nicola Hainsworth, Donna Charles and many others sharing events and supporting what is being created.

TalkTV : Watch this space as Victoria Hart (Hart in Media) and myself begin to share stories and exciting new ideas we can all be involved in locally...

Growth Programmes : I will be focusing on developing Study Groups both online and offline to support those who are passionate about becoming the best version of themselves, great human beings and working with their passions to achieve the holy grail of happiness... so looking forward to these!


We have a number of other activities during the month of April, May and beyond including Discussion groups, Walk & Talk in Cassiobury Park on Sunday afternoons... Sunday Breakfast and evening drinks... so please do come along and join us...

Many hands make light work... 

If you'd like to join us and be part of Team SWHerts then just come along to the events and get invovled... Link4Growth is a supportive and nurturing organisation that is changing lives...

Monday, 8 April 2019

Celestine Prophecy - Workshops

The Celestine Prophecy unleashed

We are now preparing for the physical study  groups for the Celestine Prophecy experiential guide. These will be run on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, and on the 5th Sunday where there is one from 7:00-9:30pm

Pre-requisites for acceptance on to the programme is that you must have read the Celestine Prophecy.  Plus confirmation that you can attend at least 12 of the dates below.

These study groups are for those who are passionate about their own growth and working on themselves. During these weeks we will be taking a hard look at our-self and facing some real internal challenges, so not for the faint hearted. There will be a maximum of 7 people plus the facilitator who is there to participate fully as part of the group and undertake the housekeeping.

Please do not attend this workshop if you cannot make the dates, are short on self discipline, or feel you will be unable to commit fully to working on yourself. This group will be there to support one another through some real challenges, so each participant is there for each other as well as themselves. Expect some amazing outcomes.

There will be homework for each session to prepare for the next, so please ensure you can put an additional 2.5 hours of work above and beyond the sessions below every 2 weeks.

We will have a secret facebook group to keep us all connected during the programme.

The location where it will be hosted will be : 11 Dellfield Court, 94 Hempstead Road, Watford, Herts. WD17 4JY

The cost will be £5 per week ... £70 in total

The weeks are as follows :-

1. May 12th   Session 1 - 1st Insight - Getting to know one another
2. May 26th  Session 2 - 1st Insight - Expplore the flow of coincidences in our lives
3. June 9th  Session 3 - 2nd Insight - Historial roots and personal preoccupations
4. June 23rd  Session 4 - 2nd Insight - Constructing your personal timeline of events
5. July 14th  Session 5 - 2nd Insight - Discuss events on your personal timeline
6. July 28th  Session 6 - 3rd Insight - Understanding the 3rd insight & working with energy
7. August 11th  Session 7 - 4th Insight - Competing for energy
8. August 23rd  Session 8 - 4th Insight - Practicing awareness of the competition for energy
9. Sept 8th  Session 9 - 5th Insight - Exchange ideas about the 5th Insight & building energy
10. Sept 22nd  Session 10 - 6th Insight - Parental reviews and your control drama discussion
11. Sept 29th  Session 11 - 7th Insight - Discuss the 7th Insight - engaging the flow & practice
12. October 13tth  Session 12 - 8th Insight - Discuss themes of 8th Insight and conscious groups
13. October 27th  Session 13 - 9th Insight - To discuss the 9th Insight
14. Bonus session November 10th - Review / Recap... How have you changed since May 12th?

This will be a fascinating journey... I do hope you can join us...

email : ipsl.chrisogle@gmail.com  to reserve your place...

A Link4Growth Yoga story

Back in early 2017, I finally nailed my Yoga curiosity. Uma Patil a, local to Watford, Hatha Yoga instructor came along to Link4Growth. Uma explained her passion for Yoga and wanted to begin teaching but was unsure where to start.

We got talking and it wasn't long before the idea of Yoga Curious came to Uma. This was aimed at reaching out to people who were curious about Yoga but who had never actually done it.

So we agreed that I would attend Uma's class on a Saturday, help to promote it and then work with Uma on her strategy, social media, website content, blogging and connecting her through my network.

Uma was extremely patient and not only introduced the poses but also corrected us with slight adjustments as necessary. A tip I learned a long time ago is that when learning something new, try and learn so that you can show someone else how to do it too. This helps us to learn more deeply because you'll find out if you know something or not when you go to teach another what you have learnt.

2 years on I am approaching 200 Yoga sessions, partly because I have been able to put into practice what Uma has taught me over the 18 months or so I attended the classes and is now part of my daily ritual.

I feel very privileged and blessed to have had the opportunity to learn Yoga through Uma's dedication and passion and now really feel what she said right at the start of my Yoga journey. Yoga can benefit everyone... for some... a gentle exercise, others for increasing flexibility and improving balance... and for others still part of that bringing together mind, body and spirit in a flowing meditation.

Unfortunately (for us) Uma takes her special presence back with her to India at the end of this month... but... partly in recognition of Uma's vision of spreading Yoga to as many folk as possible and partly because I now have a good repertoire of poses and some experience. In the summer I will be going through my Yoga practice (sequence) in Cassiobury Park most week days.

Anyone who would like to come along and join me to continue the legacy that has been left by Uma is welcome to do so... donate as you feel. This is a chance to do some Yoga with others in natural surroundings and enjoy the practice. I am not a Yoga teacher, nor do I choose to be one. This is just sharing what Uma has passed on through me.

I will create a WhatsApp group for those that would like to be kept up to date about the sessions, and a mini website for those that would like more information. I will also make a Video with Victoria Hart so that others can use the routine at home if not near to Watford.

Thank you Uma for your time here, and for what you have created... the Yoga will go on!

Last point... there is nothing stopping us doing what we want. We can give ourselves permission, we can start with little or no money, and very often we just need to be enthusiastic and love what we're doing. What we do need is passion, a desire to share knowledge and skills and then take action.

This is the basis of the Link4Skills platform within Link4Growth ... we can all learn and we can all 'pass on'  what we know...

If you are interested  to know more contact me : ipsl.chrisogle@gmail.com

Friday, 5 April 2019

Skyla helping us take responsibility for our own health

As part of the PHS (People's Health Service) initiative in SWHerts a new device is set to change the way we can check and monitor our own health.

The aims of the PHS are to enable people to be able to access information about keeping well, and make it easier to connect with those offering alternative and complementary therapies. Rather than just treat people when they fall sick, the aim is to provide a service that helps us to make minor adjustments to stay Healthy and lead longer, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Part of this wellness is to be able to monitor easily and effectively the key functions of the body. Two that appear to cause most anxiety are diabetes and cholesterol; linked to a range of more serious conditions if not regularly checked.

Advances in "point of care diagnostic equipment" has been nothing short of miraculous of recent times. HBA1C which is a difficult test to perfect was until fairly recently the domain of Laboratories within hospitals, with days or even weeks passing before results were confirmed.

One such diagnostic machine is the new Skyla Hi machine shown below... this provides a simple methodology to obtain reliable health checks in the community without the need to book appointments with the GP or hospitals.

The NHS has a huge shortage of capacity as you will know and the underfunding means that regular monitoring of Diabetes (HBA1C) and Cholesterol levels is unavailable.

For those wishing to take personal responsibility for their health, access to these "Point of care" diagnostic devices along with the huge variety of health and wellness services offered through the PHS will be a huge leap forward.

For more information and to register your interest in the PHS please visit this website...