Monday, 8 April 2019

A Link4Growth Yoga story

Back in early 2017, I finally nailed my Yoga curiosity. Uma Patil a, local to Watford, Hatha Yoga instructor came along to Link4Growth. Uma explained her passion for Yoga and wanted to begin teaching but was unsure where to start.

We got talking and it wasn't long before the idea of Yoga Curious came to Uma. This was aimed at reaching out to people who were curious about Yoga but who had never actually done it.

So we agreed that I would attend Uma's class on a Saturday, help to promote it and then work with Uma on her strategy, social media, website content, blogging and connecting her through my network.

Uma was extremely patient and not only introduced the poses but also corrected us with slight adjustments as necessary. A tip I learned a long time ago is that when learning something new, try and learn so that you can show someone else how to do it too. This helps us to learn more deeply because you'll find out if you know something or not when you go to teach another what you have learnt.

2 years on I am approaching 200 Yoga sessions, partly because I have been able to put into practice what Uma has taught me over the 18 months or so I attended the classes and is now part of my daily ritual.

I feel very privileged and blessed to have had the opportunity to learn Yoga through Uma's dedication and passion and now really feel what she said right at the start of my Yoga journey. Yoga can benefit everyone... for some... a gentle exercise, others for increasing flexibility and improving balance... and for others still part of that bringing together mind, body and spirit in a flowing meditation.

Unfortunately (for us) Uma takes her special presence back with her to India at the end of this month... but... partly in recognition of Uma's vision of spreading Yoga to as many folk as possible and partly because I now have a good repertoire of poses and some experience. In the summer I will be going through my Yoga practice (sequence) in Cassiobury Park most week days.

Anyone who would like to come along and join me to continue the legacy that has been left by Uma is welcome to do so... donate as you feel. This is a chance to do some Yoga with others in natural surroundings and enjoy the practice. I am not a Yoga teacher, nor do I choose to be one. This is just sharing what Uma has passed on through me.

I will create a WhatsApp group for those that would like to be kept up to date about the sessions, and a mini website for those that would like more information. I will also make a Video with Victoria Hart so that others can use the routine at home if not near to Watford.

Thank you Uma for your time here, and for what you have created... the Yoga will go on!

Last point... there is nothing stopping us doing what we want. We can give ourselves permission, we can start with little or no money, and very often we just need to be enthusiastic and love what we're doing. What we do need is passion, a desire to share knowledge and skills and then take action.

This is the basis of the Link4Skills platform within Link4Growth ... we can all learn and we can all 'pass on'  what we know...

If you are interested  to know more contact me :

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