Monday, 8 April 2019

Celestine Prophecy - Workshops

The Celestine Prophecy unleashed

We are now preparing for the physical study  groups for the Celestine Prophecy experiential guide. These will be run on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, and on the 5th Sunday where there is one from 7:00-9:30pm

Pre-requisites for acceptance on to the programme is that you must have read the Celestine Prophecy.  Plus confirmation that you can attend at least 12 of the dates below.

These study groups are for those who are passionate about their own growth and working on themselves. During these weeks we will be taking a hard look at our-self and facing some real internal challenges, so not for the faint hearted. There will be a maximum of 7 people plus the facilitator who is there to participate fully as part of the group and undertake the housekeeping.

Please do not attend this workshop if you cannot make the dates, are short on self discipline, or feel you will be unable to commit fully to working on yourself. This group will be there to support one another through some real challenges, so each participant is there for each other as well as themselves. Expect some amazing outcomes.

There will be homework for each session to prepare for the next, so please ensure you can put an additional 2.5 hours of work above and beyond the sessions below every 2 weeks.

We will have a secret facebook group to keep us all connected during the programme.

The location where it will be hosted will be : 11 Dellfield Court, 94 Hempstead Road, Watford, Herts. WD17 4JY

The cost will be £5 per week ... £70 in total

The weeks are as follows :-

1. May 12th   Session 1 - 1st Insight - Getting to know one another
2. May 26th  Session 2 - 1st Insight - Expplore the flow of coincidences in our lives
3. June 9th  Session 3 - 2nd Insight - Historial roots and personal preoccupations
4. June 23rd  Session 4 - 2nd Insight - Constructing your personal timeline of events
5. July 14th  Session 5 - 2nd Insight - Discuss events on your personal timeline
6. July 28th  Session 6 - 3rd Insight - Understanding the 3rd insight & working with energy
7. August 11th  Session 7 - 4th Insight - Competing for energy
8. August 23rd  Session 8 - 4th Insight - Practicing awareness of the competition for energy
9. Sept 8th  Session 9 - 5th Insight - Exchange ideas about the 5th Insight & building energy
10. Sept 22nd  Session 10 - 6th Insight - Parental reviews and your control drama discussion
11. Sept 29th  Session 11 - 7th Insight - Discuss the 7th Insight - engaging the flow & practice
12. October 13tth  Session 12 - 8th Insight - Discuss themes of 8th Insight and conscious groups
13. October 27th  Session 13 - 9th Insight - To discuss the 9th Insight
14. Bonus session November 10th - Review / Recap... How have you changed since May 12th?

This will be a fascinating journey... I do hope you can join us...

email :  to reserve your place...

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