Friday, 5 April 2019

Skyla helping us take responsibility for our own health

As part of the PHS (People's Health Service) initiative in SWHerts a new device is set to change the way we can check and monitor our own health.

The aims of the PHS are to enable people to be able to access information about keeping well, and make it easier to connect with those offering alternative and complementary therapies. Rather than just treat people when they fall sick, the aim is to provide a service that helps us to make minor adjustments to stay Healthy and lead longer, happier and more fulfilling lives.

Part of this wellness is to be able to monitor easily and effectively the key functions of the body. Two that appear to cause most anxiety are diabetes and cholesterol; linked to a range of more serious conditions if not regularly checked.

Advances in "point of care diagnostic equipment" has been nothing short of miraculous of recent times. HBA1C which is a difficult test to perfect was until fairly recently the domain of Laboratories within hospitals, with days or even weeks passing before results were confirmed.

One such diagnostic machine is the new Skyla Hi machine shown below... this provides a simple methodology to obtain reliable health checks in the community without the need to book appointments with the GP or hospitals.

The NHS has a huge shortage of capacity as you will know and the underfunding means that regular monitoring of Diabetes (HBA1C) and Cholesterol levels is unavailable.

For those wishing to take personal responsibility for their health, access to these "Point of care" diagnostic devices along with the huge variety of health and wellness services offered through the PHS will be a huge leap forward.

For more information and to register your interest in the PHS please visit this website...

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