Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Shooting videos to share hidden Gem in SWHerts

Victoria Hart - Hart in Media
9th May saw the shooting of two new videos in what will be a series of experiential stories from the Link4Growth community.

Link4Growth was set up back in April 2011 and settled quickly into an organisation focused on 'rebuilding community' through bringing people together and having conversations. No cost to attend events, no agenda, just a space where people could meet others that live close by, free from any requirement to satisfy the needs or expectations of others... in other words just come along and be ourselves, with no judgement.

8 years on and with a lot of water under the bridge, what has changed? In what has been said above? ... nothing. But the organisation has developed to become an Association that is owned by those in the Link4Growth community with a loose structure that enables anyone that support the values,  principles and behavioural guidelines to take responsibility and implement the ideas where they are. [... blog post with more info here]

Why these videos then?

  1. Even though Link4Growth has existed for 8 years already it is still one of the best kept secrets in our communities. These videos will help to spread the message to more people who might benefit from what Link4Growth has to offer
  2. Who can benefit from the Link4Growth Association? This selection of videos will share how people have discovered Link4Growth, what initially appealed to them, and what they have subsequently enjoyed from their participation
  3. Share the diversity of people that are engaged with Link4Growth and for those viewing to recognise that in Link4Growth they would be amongst like minds

What other benefits?

  • Those that have decided to talk on video have an opportunity to do something that they might not have been exposed to before.
  • To open our minds to what is involved with video making and the potential for our own endeavours.
  • To encourage others around the country to join in and create these insights into how Link4Growth is changing lives.

Final words

For many Link4Growth is an unexpected treasure they stumble upon. Often people hear something a bit different, and decide to just give it a try. Whatever the reason, people are warmly welcomed with a big smile, compassion, kindness and a genuine desire to help... [... what will be your reason?]

Link4Growth has been described as a space where you begin the "Journey to Yourself"... a process of finding your own way in a challenging world amongst a supportive, nurturing and accepting community... the rest is up to you!

Credits : Victoria Hart of Hart in Media for making these videos possible

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