Monday, 3 June 2019

L4G 5 Question Challenge

Back in April the seed was sown for a special series of videos. These videos would help people to learn the wide variety of reasons why people come along to Link4Growth events in the first place, and then subsequently, what they discover having peered inside.

In our midst is the multi-talented Victoria Hart, who runs her own media agency called Hart-In-Media. Please follow the links for more information.

Victoria engaged her brother Andy and together (with the stars being interviewed), in very tight circumstances it has to be said, the first two videos rolled off the production line.  There are more planned for the 12th June, and an evening 'shooting' will come next for those who work in the daytime.

Many thanks to Victoria, Andy, Ruth and Silpi for all of their contributions without which neither of these video, or any others for that matter, would have been possible.

If you are curious about Link4Growth, it's mission and goals, or interested in how you might get involved then please check out the website... and or if you live locally then visit our own SWHerts Facebook page...

Link4Growth is all about conversations and connection, talking is really important and with 9 million people in the UK being identified as lonely, the importance of conversation and connection cannot be underestimated.

Enjoy the videos below :-

If you'd like to know more then contact us via the Community Hub Contact Us form

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