Sunday, 2 June 2019

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We only have to look around us these days to see that there are a lot of people struggling in today's society. 

Whether it be money, food, a roof over our heads, work, anxiety, stress, trying to make ends meet, running a small business, the list is exhaustive... no one is exempt either... our children are stressing at school with huge pressure and expectation, young men are committing suicide in increasing numbers, benefits and welfare being cut back to the bone.

Although we human beings are now (today) the most connected generation(s) ever, loneliness is at epidemic levels, and disconnection higher that at any time in our previous history...

What can we do about this?

Where can someone go to talk to others? ... maybe share some of what is happening for them? ... get signposted? ... Where people won't judge? ... where there are no criterion for participation?

There are places out there where people can connect. Getting together community groups (run by the council), churches, activity led groups (camera, art, writing, book club, sport) and I am sure plenty of others that I haven't mentioned covering all manner of hobbies. Let's also not forget there are many Meetup Groups available covering a wide range of Topics.

But what if you are not looking for any of the above... Instead just looking to go along to meet a few people, something with no pressure, no expectation, where you can dip in and out as you please? Or perhaps where you can just be yourself and meet other local people and just simply have a conversation about anything. Everything starts with a conversation... where it might lead none of us know!

Real examples:

A business failed, leaving uncomfortable levels of debt, the business premises doubled up as home, so now homeless too. No chance for support and benefits. In need of new connections, new opportunities and a positive outlook with real support to get back on two feet.

Exiting from serious depression, unhappy in work, and away from family and friends. Trapped in a cycle of feeling alone and inability to trust others. In need of reliable connections and friends and a solid foundation to upgrade social skills and grow.

Looking for a new group of people that could represent an extended family. A chance to go out and improve the colour of life, have fun, enjoy different experiences and make new connections to grow a fledgling business.

What made the difference?

Link4Growth [link is to FB Page] provides some 15 opportunities locally in SWHerts to meet each month. These range from Community coffees, walks in nature, business events, learning and education sessions, and signposting to the wide variety of other community organisations / events going on locally.

Link4Growth [link is to Website] provides a rich foundation and Access-Point through deep local connections, and experience, that acts as a springboard empowering people to "discover their own path" and "what works for them" ... we could all do with that in a world where less and less is now certain.

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