Thursday, 15 August 2019

Aligning company culture with values

In a world beginning to prize people who are "principled with values" it is no wonder that Integrity is becoming a much sought after quality.

As Brene Brown quotes "Integrity is putting courage before comfort, doing what is right rather than what is fun, easy or fast, and practising your principles and values rather than just professing them".

This month Victoria Hart blogs about aligning businesses with core principles and values; often these are installed (at least initially) by the owner or the team that began the business.

Often, through the pressure of work, the vagaries of the business, profit motives, or people changes, the business can get misaligned. This can lead to loss of business, staff issues, problems with clients and / or suppliers.

In her recent blog post Victoria shares how business owners / managers can take an in-depth look at themselves providing fresh insights and perspectives on the business environment and the people in the business.

Read Victoria's blog post here...

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