Thursday, 15 August 2019

One year on

Norah McLoughlin
We can learn a tremendous amount from grief.

Below Norah McLoughlin shares how grief can expose us to the rawness of extreme emotions that we can't run away from...

"This is a very personal post as it is a year today since my dad left the planet. He took his last breath at ten to six in the evening and slipped away from us in the way that he had lived, quietly and without much fuss but leaving a profound impact.
When you are in your fifties, a lot of your group have lost one, or both, parents or have parents who are ill. You are certainly not unique in your loss but, at first, you feel like you are the only one. To paraphrase the great teacher, Juliet Vorster, grief is a dance. Sometimes it is a raging, angry pogo and, at other times, a gentle waltz."

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