Wednesday, 2 October 2019

A new kind of education system...

I have been having lots of conversations with people about education, training and learning recently. It's surprising how complex the exchange of information and knowledge has become. 

We are all familiar with "Governing bodies" who are responsible for keeping a register of people "Authorised" to provide a service as they are "Accredited". Of course we want to know that the person who is undertaking an operation on us, or providing advice about how to construct a building knows what they are talking about. Regulation is required to provide assurance and confidence in the person we are about to entrust ourselves to, as far as we can.

However, there are so many things which we need advice, guidance and signposting on which don't fit into this category of 'must have' regulation. Such as web sites for example, teaching social media, copy-writing, how to record a video, blogging, camping, filling in your tax return... the list is endless.

Regulation doesn't necessarily mean better either... it does probably mean more expensive though.

We all have knowledge, we all have experience, granted it is one perspective very often, however it is no less relevant than anyone else's point of view.

For example: If you are someone who makes lots of decisions, it's likely that not all will be good ones, but if you quickly assess the outcome, take out those that aren't working and drive forward with those that do... and you consistently do this... then you would be a great person to bounce ideas off.

No accreditation for the above... as there is no accreditation worth its salt for being good on social media... if you are good then it is because people like what you are doing.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

New Education System

This is not a replacement for what we have... what we are talking about here, is a concept based on the premise of :-

  • Learning is a life long experience
  • We all have the ability to share knowledge we have accumulated through our experience
  • If we have this knowledge it stands to reason others will also want this knowledge
  • We can not always find structured / regulated courses that teach what we want to know, very often the demand would be low, sporadic and not in one location
  • Costs can be low
  • Learning could happen in a classroom, online, individually or in groups, or just recorded so people can watch whenever they like
  • The foundation principle is the transfer or receipt of knowledge and helping others, rather than making a ton of money

If we take the "regulation" out, if we take the "profit motive" out, and the recipient of the payment is the one doing the work, not the platform making the knowledge available, everyone wins...

This has already been put in place as part of the Link4Growth platform and is called Link4Skills and there will be learning sessions appearing in the not too distant future... 

If you would like to participate then please let me know what you would like to do... could be absolutely anything at all really, even a free introduction to what you do! 

I will be using a questionnaire on Thursday 3rd October at the Link4Business  to find out what people would like to be trained on... so if you would like to participate in that then please come along... 1stVisit is the promo code if it is your first visit to a Link4Business event... or you can join via the website to attend for this one and other events for free.

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