Monday, 27 January 2020

From Tupperware to Psychotherapy via cancer...

For some unknown reason, I’ve always been the ‘go to’ person when people seek help (hopefully, I’ve given the right help and advice). Even at school, friends came to me (not for copying homework though…, that wouldn’t have done them any good at all! 😊)

When I was growing up I wanted to be a nurse. Unfortunately, back then, student-nurses weren’t allowed to get married within the first 3 years of their training and since I’d already met my future husband, I never started my training.

I’ve done many things over the years... I started off as a sales assistant in Kendal Milne in Manchester (Manchester’s equivalent to Harrods). Whilst the children were growing up, I did ‘Party Plan’ (Tupperware and Cosmetics Companies). For a while I even became a financial advisor.

But wherever I worked, it always involved interacting with people - people of all races, diverse occupations and different professions - because that’s what I do - I love people and enjoy helping where I can.

I always regretted not doing nursing so when I had enough money I started my training in Psychotherapy and Hypnosis. I opened my Practice in January 2010 in Watford as ‘Watford Therapy’, and it grew from strength to strength. I also added to my training other techniques such as NLP and BWRT which give an amazing transformation to the psyche.

Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve 2012, I was diagnosed with Cancer, and because of the treatments and the recovery period, it was 2 years before I was able to return to my practice.

I reopened my practice re-naming it ‘Therapy 4 Stress’ and here I am again, back in shape, helping people overcome their anxiety, stress, fears and phobias - regardless of their origin, anything from a diagnosis of cancer to fear of spiders. I specialise in helping people to get relief from their issues.

However, I’m not a magician and my therapy is not an alternative to medical help. I work side by side with the medical teams when necessary. I just really love seeing people being able to enjoy their lives.

My contact details are as follows:

Renie Price
T: 07956002424 

WENTA Business Centre
Colne Way

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