Thursday, 9 April 2020

Desi Stefanova Story - Part 2

... cont'd         

Up until that moment, cruising through life had been smooth, comfortable and familiar.

Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, this ‘smooth’ and ‘predictable’ game of ‘happy families’ came to a shattering end and I found myself falling into the deepest, darkest depression possible. To label that period of time as the ‘Dark Ages’ of my life would be an understatement and the only reason I am still alive to tell this story, is because I could not find a way to end it without hurting anyone else… (thinking of others’ pain came in handy this time!)

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

The Journey to the PHS

I guess I've always been interested in taking responsibility for my own health although to start with that happened without even knowing it.

Exercise & Discipline

I began playing Table Tennis when I was 8 and after a couple of years I started to get coached. I rose through the ranks in Watford fairly quickly, so at 14 yrs I was playing for the Hertfordshire county junior team.