Thursday, 9 April 2020

Desi Stefanova Story - Part 2

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Up until that moment, cruising through life had been smooth, comfortable and familiar.

Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, this ‘smooth’ and ‘predictable’ game of ‘happy families’ came to a shattering end and I found myself falling into the deepest, darkest depression possible. To label that period of time as the ‘Dark Ages’ of my life would be an understatement and the only reason I am still alive to tell this story, is because I could not find a way to end it without hurting anyone else… (thinking of others’ pain came in handy this time!)

Now, as I look back on this troublesome time, I can only feel gratitude and humility for this change that I so passionately and thoroughly resisted. It turned to be the best present I could ever have received. Yet, back then, it was as painful, gruelling and horrifyingly scary as pain could ever be… because I fought against it with every smidgen of my being. The shame, the guilt, the blame, the judgement, the resentment clenched their tight and mighty grip on my heart as it was bleeding from the hurt. The soft and comfortable rug was pulled away from under my feet and with it my identity as a mum and a wife was taken away from me. I was left with nothing, having previously lost my dreams, desires, wishes and myself… Empty shell with no will to live – that was me in those dark days and months…

Nature does not know vacuum and from this empty shell, came the biggest growth, personal development and empowerment. If it hadn’t been for my broken heart, I would have carried on living in a dream, willingly suppressing my talents and ignoring the fact that everyone had a purpose in this life, including me…

When I finally accepted the change, transcended the pain, patched up the pieces of my broken heart and restored my reasoning capacity, it all started to make sense. Lots of inner work followed on rewriting my subconscious mind and replacing the limiting beliefs I had stored in there over the years. I discovered a very simple, yet profound process called PSYCH-K which I fell in love with.
PSYCH-K put me on the right track to finally return to who I was meant to be from the start but had forgotten along the way.

One day three and a half years ago, my path took me to a Beauty Show in Olympia London. There, at a small stand, surrounded by exhibitors of all trades and kinds, was a tiny diffuser… The significance of this tiny diffuser is huge! I had thought that it would be a cool thing to have one but because my wants and desires did not matter for a long time, a diffuser never really materialised in my house. This particular diffuser had changing lights and was producing amazing aroma at the tiny stand I happened to pass by. My immediate elated reaction was that I was finally going to get it, right there and then! Never, ever had I considered what I would diffuse in it. After what now seems the shortest Master Class in essential oils use and application (including how to use a diffuser), surrounded by noisy tradesmen at this humble doTERRA stand, I ordered my first doTERRA kit with the 10 most important essential oils and a diffuser! I had trust!

If you know me well you would know that I am a keen advocate of natural health care and lifestyle.

Since my 20s when I had my children, I have been a keen Homeopathy fan and so my kids grew up without antibiotics or any other allopathic medicines. As a result, now both of them enjoy excellent health as adults. We started taking supplements when supplements became available, and have had a healthy diet to this day. However, 20 years ago, in the former communist Bulgaria, it was not easy to replace conventional medicine with homeopathy. But I did it, despite all odds, against people’s prejudice and regardless of the common accusations and comments of the kind “You are experimenting with you own children, shame on you!” I trusted my inner knowing that Homeopathy is the way forward and stuck to my guns (This is the one idea I fiercely embraced!) My soul knew the truth and this gave me the courage to face the challenges.

Essential Oils

The same thing happened with essential oils… The inner knowing that these 10 little bottles contain nature’s power of incomprehensible magnitude created a huge driving force of empowerment and new discoveries… The ME that had been growing continuously prior to that encounter had to grow even more, in order to keep up with the momentum the oils generated. I had no idea that essential oils support our body’s healing capacity on multiple levels! Now I do, from personal experience too! Did you know that they start with the physical level and help restore the symptoms we experience? Then they go deeper to affect our emotions, our beliefs, our thoughts and even any unresolved generational baggage! (Trust me, I can write a whole book on the topic alone!)

These oils are so amazingly clever that even when you think you are all sorted and fine, “Kaboom!” comes the healing, out of nowhere, and you shift to the next layer of awareness... As a seasoned mindset specialist (with my PSYCH-K facilitator’s hat on) I still cannot stop admiring the capabilities of these tiny aromatic, volatile compounds. They can shift ‘stuff’ inside our physical body, in our energetic body and on all levels of our being. They can boost our connection to the Universe/God/Spirit, and they can ground us just as successfully. Whatever our soul and being needs, they deliver it, in a gentle yet phenomenally powerful way.

You can tell I am deeply in love with these essential oils as well, can’t you? I have seen them in action with so many people that I can’t stop talking about them. Now I do the most amazing thing. In the time when I am not teaching in a primary classroom (Surprise! Like the mother, so the daughter!), I sell essential oils! I teach people how to use them and how to share them with other people. From a tiny baby to the elderly, everyone can use these oils. From the simple flu and cold to some serious health challenges, there is an oil for that!

Final Words...

To conclude, I would like to extend a humble invitation. A conversation with me about forgiveness, mending a broken heart, shifting limiting subconscious beliefs, or about the healing power of essential oils could very well be your solution when you think you have run out of options, so get in touch. You never know what change is waiting around the corner… And it is ALL GOOD!

Written by : Desislava Stefanova

Tuesday, 7 April 2020

The Journey to the PHS

I guess I've always been interested in taking responsibility for my own health although to start with that happened without even knowing it.

Exercise & Discipline

I began playing Table Tennis when I was 8 and after a couple of years I started to get coached. I rose through the ranks in Watford fairly quickly, so at 14 yrs I was playing for the Hertfordshire county junior team.

Health & Wellness

I don't know whether any of you will identify with this but there was a fair amount of peer pressure to begin smoking at this age of around 14. And I must admit after a couple of unsuccessful attempts at encouraging me to get on board by the "professional smokers" in my local community peer group, I proclaimed, "tt hurts, it's unpleasant, it stinks, it costs a lot of money, and it's not good for your health, tell me the upsides?" ... in the absence of anything but "it looks cool" ... I decided to give it a swerve.

So I continued to improve at Table Tennis and taking care of my physical fitness through sport and my mother took care of my nutrition. Home cooked meals much of the time from produce my father grew in our good sized garden. So the order of the day was home cooked food, from home grown vegetables and fruits. Seems idyllic but I now understand what a commitment and how much hard work growing food is.

I never so much as cooked an egg on toast at home, what with my mother and sister filling in for each other as necessary there wasn't the need. It wasn't until on one of the rare occasions I had a day off work back in 1982 after I had moved out of the family home that I decided to give this cooking malarkey a go. It couldn't be that difficult could it? ... otherwise, how would all these cookery books be so popular and loads of people being able to cook, right?

Steak & Kidney stew with steamed brocolli and slaw

We are what we eat

So I decided to take on a challenge... no point in doing some easy recipe, let's pick something that would test me. So I decided on a chicken biriani, which had somewhere in the region of 36 ingredients or so.

The biriani was a huge success (and enough for the whole week) and so started my love affair with cooking. The way I saw it was... here we were, buying some really rather basic stuff (vegetables), some meat, and with chosen flavourings, spices, herbs and sauces, you could in a few hours, make something which you could thoroughly enjoy. This seemed amazing to me... rather like the beer making I had become adept at too... basic ingredients, with some knowledge, experience and care, and hey presto very tasty beer saving a small fortune.

Focus & Purpose

I had always wanted to be a programmer and the idea of telling a computer to do things to provide an outcome which enhanced business efficiency was fascinating to me. Having started work at Rolls Royce (Leavesden) as a trainee programmer, I soon moved on to a software house in London.

I was now learning how the business world worked and exercising my brain daily solving problems and using my creativity. Being fairly outgoing I was soon 'spotted' to join the sales team. With an unusual combination of a solid technical background, coupled with the ability to talk to customers in their own language, I soon became pretty successful.


At the age of 25 I was sent on an NLP (neurolinguistic programming) course. I found this awesome that you were able to influence the outcome of a discussion, or, in my case, sales negotiation by observing things in the other person... truly an invaluable 5 day course... much of which I still remember, and use today having integrated it into my habits. On two occasions during this course we were taught something that I had been doing instinctively since I was 12... you can ask me about those when we next meet up.

This course sowed the seed for what has been a roller coaster of personal development ever since. The NLP started helping with my mindset and thereafter I was a sponge for books starting with Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey...

Frugality is transformed greed and leads to generosity

Frugality / What is important

There followed a period of some 10 years  (a lot happened in that 10 years) that I hardly left my flat. During this time I had started a software house of my own and within a 5 year period me and my colleague had writtem some 5,000 programs creating an Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP - Similar to SAP just much smaller).

At this time I learnt the meaning of 'Frugality' as for more than 2 years (2004-6) I managed to cook and eat well on less than £10 a week for ingredients... I also learnt that you don't need to keep buying lots of new things to be happy because actually, exercise, good food, strong positive mindset, enthusiasm, belief in yourself, and a purpose are the things that give meaning to your life, not material possessions. It's surprising what you can conjure up on a £10 budget and also how innovative you become with turning fridge remnants into something edible.

Importance of community and connection

In 2010 I began my foray into Networking. Inspired by Otis my son who was working with me at the time. If we knew then what we know now, and the impact of a couple of what we thought were 'insignificant decisions', we would be dumbfounded.

The next 8 years I met with more than 5,000 people, and made connections all over the country. Through conversations and discussion I began to relate to how wide and diverse perspectives can be, and indeed how mine had come to be formed. This was the journey to begin the process of  understanding the answer to the question "Who am I?" ... From 2015 a huge spiritual awakening and growth in consciousness... which is pretty much what led to the idea of the PHS (People's Health Service) and how it came into existence...

What happened thereafter was the bringing together of a small group of people who relished giving oxygen to the idea of "Supporting people in taking more responsibility for their own health".

This idea is ready to grow as we enter what is a very difficult time for People, Planet, Profit and our Purpose.

I feel we are at a crossroads indeed and this initiative is one whose time has come... I feel we are ready!