Tuesday, 5 May 2020

The PHS the next steps....

As with almost all physical events over recent weeks the PHS (People's Health Service) has had to rethink how it delivers ... 

We have instantly moved the meetings that were being held in Rickmansworth and North Watford online through Zoom. This ensures that we stay in touch and also keep moving forward. The very fact that we don't need to actually travel also provides an opportunity for people all over the country (world) to potentially join us and find out more about the initiative.

We are in a different world these days. Many millions of people have been self isolating in their homes across the world as we struggle to make sense of this pandemic and the ramifications.

The lack of 24/7 food on every street corner, restaurants, cafe's, fast food has meant that for many they are having to prepare their own food from 'Ingredients' and create their own meals. This has raised the profile of nutrients / vitamins and minerals. Some people are taking a huge new interest in what they put inside and on their bodies.

Dare we say it... some folk are starting to take much more interest in taking more responsibility for their own health. This coincides with reports that the most vulnerable groups in the population are; Older people (60+), those with an underlying condition, and those who are overweight or obese.

We can't do much about age, but we can do a huge amount about things that effect our health; such as exercise, what we eat, drink, put in our body... and of course, smoking.

So as we start to look at how we can begin to align ourselves with a different kind of world that tries to define new ways of human interaction, so we at PHS need to look at how we can serve those that are wishing to learn how they can take more responsibility for their health and as a result reduce their footprint when it comes to using the NHS.

We will be looking to do this in a number of ways :-

1. Online events (more distributed around the country)
2. Zoom Podcast Recordings (spreading information / interesting talks) (Topic led / practitioners)
3. Closer links with Link4Growth (Link4Community Link4Business, Link4Skills and L4GTv)
4. New Website (Blogs, Categories, L4B Member listing)

It is even more important in these days that we expand what we are doing and reach all those who are now looking to get in touch with their own body who are striving to stay as well and healthy as possible for longer.

We at the PHS are able to connect practitioners from around the country through our websites, networks and social media, to people in the community who want to learn about more natural and complementary ways of maintaining their health.

Two events free to attend in May... 

May 5th 7:30pm via Zoom

May 18th 10:30am via Zoom

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