Who is responsible for this Community Communication Hub?

This Community Communications Hub is a free service provided for the use by the community in the South West Herts District. This includes the following towns and villages:

Watford, Rickmansworth, Croxley Green, Northwood, Bushey, Oxhey South Oxhey, Carpenders Park, Kings Langley, Abbots Langley, Garston, Leavesden, Chorleywood and Harefield

The organisation that is behind the initiative is IPSL and you can read more about them below. Posting of events on the calendar, reports, articles, news updates in the main display area, and posts into all the noticeboards can be undertaken by anyone who wishes to do so. Just get in touch through the Contact Us page.

IPSL - Innovation - People - Skills - Link4Growth 

IPSL is an organisation that has been set up to rebuild community in the South West Herts area. This community communications Hub (website you are on now) is part of the set of tools that IPSL is using to bring together community and local businesses so that we can work together and create the environment that we would like to live, work, play and bring up our children in. Please visit our website below to learn more about what we are doing, how you can join in and become an active participant in rebuilding community in South West Herts.

Visit the IPSL website here

The Community communication hub

This Website is an organic living community hub that is here for us to share the news that we are making in our communities. Apart from this website IPSL is also deploying the community building services provided by Link4Growth. Link4Growth is an organisation that has been working in community rebuilding for 5 years and offers us the chance to accelerate what we are doing in the local area.

Link4Growth provides a platform that contains 5 tools that are a service to the local communities, and the majority are free of charge. Link4Growth encourages us to (1) talk to each other through community events because everything starts with a conversation and knowing those around you, (2) grow a strong local business community for each town with businesses all collaborating together, and, collectively promoting the ethos of buying local, (3) Keep learning, the world is constantly changing and we need to adapt constantly, (4) Share what we are doing through local TV all free to use where anyone can join in, (5) this platform you are using where we can share the 97% of good news that is happening in our community with everyone else in our communities, easily, and at zero cost.

Every organisation in our community struggles with similar challenges and Link4Growth is here to help alleviate those challenges and empower us all to play a part and contribute back to society.

For more information on Link4Growth and the above please click this link... the diagram below helps to summarise the information above.

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