Projects & Charity


There are some fabulous local community projects and charities operating in South West Herts! ... just not enough people know about them!

That's the purpose of this section on the community hub to make more people aware and spread the good news.

  1. Help to find out what these local projects are and who to contact
  2. Gather all the information about them together, so it's easier to get in touch
  3. Raise awareness to increase participation and success for the projects
  4. Inspire others to get their ideas and projects off the ground and up and running

To visit the SWHerts Community Projects Website just click the link or on the image above.

And just what has happened to our communities?

  • Isn't it ironic that we are the most connected that we have ever been on this planet and yet very often we do not even know our neighbours. Loneliness and 'disconnection' is rife in almost every street we live in.
  • There are amazing people doing brilliant work right under our noses in our communities and yet we have no idea that these things are happening and who is doing them.
  • Most of us given an opportunity to help someone would do so gladly. If we were just more aware of what was happening around us.

Community Projects?

Many of us would like to see improvements in our communities, make things better. For many though these ideas remain just passing comments and snatched conversations in the street. There is an unspoken belief that it isn't possible to make any real change, we're powerless in the big scheme of things. It would take far too much effort to do anything.

What though if we came together regularly to discuss ideas, innovated together as a community, started to find ways things could be done instead of reasons why they can't. Community in Action is about doing exactly this. Encouraging us all to participate and contribute our ideas and thoughts.

Thoughts become things: once we begin to share our ideas and shape them, project teams can be created to enhance and fine tune plans. These then result in Action and bringing about change; a real difference in our communities... it all starts with a conversation!

ONE IDEA: Bringing neighbourhoods together:  if we all knew the people that lived close to us that would help to provide a more friendly, kind and caring community which would have to be a good thing.

All of us can learn much from each other, our memories, skills, knowledge, views on today's society and even how we feel about what is happening in our own neighbourhood. There are a lot of thing going on in our troubled world reported daily on the TV and in the news, perhaps it is time for us as individuals in our local communities to step up and begin working together to help ourselves and be much kinder to those around us.

ANOTHER IDEA: Sharing all the good things already happening: One of the things we can do right now is start to recognise that there is a lot of good going on already. All of us can help in this area immediately by just using the contact us form on this site and letting us know the details. This can feature as a story, article or report on this site, we can even record a short video on what is going on for the local Community in Action TV channel for our area. Or please ask how and we will show you how to update the information yourself!

So how can you get involved?

The idea is to use all the new technology we now have available, traditional methods, and good old conversations to set up local neighbourhood support networks, and we're looking for people to get involved. So if you are interested in helping getting this started where you are, then do use the contact us page to get in touch, we'd be delighted to hear from you or do come along to one of our regular Link4Coffee events and meet in person...

... or... very importantly... if you know someone doing great work in the community... tell us about them! I know Watford Council has the audentior awards once a year... but why wait a whole year? Let us celebrate the achievements of all these people today, each week, and share the good work so others can join in. Use the contact us page and let's spread the good news.