Welcome to South West Herts local community TV

There is a huge number of people producing video these days. Smart phones have made videographers of all of us. For the first time ever we are able to produce 'real life' video of what is happening around us. Not programmed by TV stations with their own agenda... real... honest... often raw video, warts and all... but actual reality!

Below video's produced by 'us the people'... If you are producing video locally, community, charity, business, events or anything, then please let us know. We can include any YouTube videos with just a simple addition of the video to one of our channels (Playlist) ...

Now we can make the news!!

CommunityTV ChannelLocal Business Channel
Entertainment & Leisure ChannelLocal History Channel
Local Events ChannelLocal Politics Channel
Local Charity ChannelWalkTimeTV Channel

Localised channels means ... we can all watch video news that is relevant to our communities and where we live. Each of the Towns / Villages in the district have their own channels... so why not start being a contributor from your community? ... get in touch if you have videos to share!

Watford ChannelRickmansworth Channel
Croxley Green ChannelKings Langley Channel
Abbots Langley & Hunton BridgeChorleywood

What does this actually mean community TV channel? It's not real TV on the television is it?

No it is not on terrestrial TV or on Sky or anything. CommunityTV is actually all delivered through YouTube, but all the videos that you will see on our local YouTube channel are about what is going on around here in the local area.

There are hundreds of local videos being produced and put onto YouTube all the time, but unless we are sent the link they are hardly ever seen. That's where communityTV comes in.

This is about locally produced video being shared on our local TV Platform. It's all about relevancy, because it's familiar and local, the community are more likely to want to watch it because it's what is happening around them. They might even be on Community TV themselves!

Send us your video details

If you have a video about a local business, charity, event, show or just something that is about this area we can get that on the local CommunityTV channel... so how much does all this cost? ... Nothing!!

Please visit our SW Herts CommunityTV YouTube account with this link and if you would like to subscribe there is a red button to do so... BUT don't forget to click the small settings cog and tick the box to receive notifications when new videos are posted.

The Videos are split across a range of playlists so you can focus in on the type of video you would like to watch... one of the most popular playlists is the LOCAL BUSINESS playlist

If you'd like us to come and create a video with you please do get in touch!

We are also looking to begin a series of new shows covering different topics some of those are listed below...
  • Local Business channel
  • Politics channel
  • Youth channel 
  • Local Sports channel
  • Good news stories channel
If you would like to join in, participate or be a guest on a show then do contact us on email at

National TV Shows

Many of our videos also get updated to the National Link4Growth TV Platform called L4Gtv you can visit this with the link here.