Link4Growth has been created to serve the community. It started in its current form on August 1st 2012.

Initially Link4Growth began by hosting local community events where anyone from the community could come together and meet other people. There is no agenda for these events, we just meet, talk, listen, learn, connect, share and inspire.

From those early events Link4Growth is now growing into a national organisation. There is not much to go wrong with Link4Growth as it is self financing, not funded by the government, nor owned by any business. So it's definitely here to stay!

Link4Growth will be converted into an Association by end of 2016, owned by the members (those that subscribe for £3 per month) and consequently is able to grow unencumbered by politics and profit motives.

Link4Growth is the first time that we the people can grow something that is ours and with which we can utilise to shape our future. It is there for us to collaborate, work together and rebuild our communities from the grass roots up and everyone can participate. Link4Growth is a tool set that people doing great work in our communities can tap into and engage more easily with others. The following services are available to us :-

  1. Inclusive Community events, free to attend, at different times of the day at weekends in local independent coffee shops wherever possible. These events provide a space for us to come together, have conversations, share what we are up to, with no other agenda except getting to know others who live local to us. These are a great way to arrange to meet others to discuss projects, ideas and introduce people to each other. Here is a quick link to the part of this website where the communities in our area can be found.
  2. Town Business Creatives and Link4Business. Local business is the lifeblood of our communities. With a vibrant and diverse local business community comes resilience. Local Town Business groups allow us to bring together those in business, so they can work together, share ideas, support and nurture each other, collaborate on projects and signpost people who can solve problems for others. Click here to the Link4Business events in South West Herts. Click here to visit the Town Business Creatives page.
  3. Sharing our knowledge and expertise. It is very frustrating starting something new or finding someone who has the knowledge you need. Link4Growth is full of people who want to help you succeed and very often just attending community events you will be signposted to someone who can help you. Link4Skills is an open source learning platform. It's origins lay in providing affordable education for all, but in addition enabling 'would be' educators a platform on which to share their knowledge. 'The People's University'. Click here to find out more.
  4. Local TV gives us the power of video to share all the amazing stuff going on locally. Local TV provides a platform for interviews, to share your project, events, stories and anyone can join in. Still in its infancy locally we run a community TV show every Friday, share business videos, event videos and much more. Local TV gives us the chance to give relevancy to your videos too... send us the links and we can get them onto our Local TV Platform (and national too!). Find out more here.
  5. District Community Hub Websites. This is the website you are now on. 97% of what goes on in community is great news. The sad fact is good news doesn't sell newspapers. So where can we share all the good news? ... the answer used to be... nowhere. That's just changed! We now have this platform that makes everyone of us a potential reporter and a contributor to what is happening locally. Check out our communities Tab here... and start getting involved in your local community.
So 5 great tools for you to tap into and start to get your project, group, charity, business, enterprise or service better known in the community. 

To find out more about Link4Growth do visit the website.

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