Connecting our communities...

Providing a space for people to come together from all parts of the community (Link4Growth)

Did you know that in South West Herts we have approximately 10 community events per month?  Open to all and free to attend!

These are easy entry points into your local community. Held on different days, at various locations and times, all shown in the calendar below.

Where can we come together and just talk these days?

These events contain... no agenda... no pressure... just a space to meet other local people and have conversations. Whether you want to make new friends, share an idea, find out information, meet like minded people or... just get out of the house for a couple of hours... You'll be welcome at a Link4Growth event.

Below our Calendar of events 

You'll find Coffee Events, Learning Sessions (Green, pick up new skills) and Link4Business (for those in business) all in this diary

Wherever possible we use locally owned and operated independent businesses in which to host our events and are building a vibrant group of coffee shops as part of the "Coffee Shop Union".

Community events are all free to attend and inclusive, literally anyone is welcome to come along

Click to obtain a list of all our free local community events and book in

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Do you run a business?

The Link4Business - Business Development Network events are free to attend on your first visit. These creativity and innovation events are very different to the more traditional business networking available in the district.

(Please do click through to the 'Business Development Network' page to find out more about everything available to you as a business, in the local area.)