South West Herts Bloggers

Are you a Blogger?

Do you currently write a blog or even record videos in which you share your passion?

If you answered YES to the above and you are based in SW Herts then we would love to hear from you about your Blog.

Blogging is not new but it has taken a back seat since the meteoric rise of Social Media, but it is beginning to make a comeback. Your Blog is not a noisy space.. it can be a reflective one... it can be deep and hugely meaningful. It could also be very inspiring for others reading it (or watching it) who will connect (and empathise) with you on many levels...

As part of our rich tapestry of community in SW Herts we want to share local authors who are turning life experiences and knowledge into either articles or videos and who are self publishing. It is a crying shame that those taking the time out to think about things and share real-life stories are not receiving the air-time they deserve.... That ends now!

Here is our SW Herts Blog website... we would be honoured if we could share your blog with your fellow local bloggers.

(The form to share your blog website is available through the website itself)